Blog site hosting – Everything you need to know


Blog site hosting –Every thing you need to know

A blog hosting is a space where your blog is present. A blog site hosting allows you to have a space to store your blog content. It gives you access to your server’s backend, where you can easily manage data.


Essentials for creating your Blog

A blog is created with the help of three things:



Blogging Platform

CMS (Content Management System) is where you handle your blog. Blogging platform is where you have your existing blog, whereas a hosting service keeps the file stored. Thus blogging platform provides a face to your blog where you publish your posts.


Free Blog Hosting vs. Paid Blog Hosting

Some blogging platforms allow you to have a free blog site hosting service while you will have to pay for others. It might not be a good idea to use a free hosting service since it only gives you a subdomain that give you the website address as


Free Blog Hosting

Free blog hosting is easy to use and you do not require technical skills. But investing your efforts on a free hosting will not be a good idea since you have no control over your blog. Google rank paid blogs rather than giving preference to free blogs. Moreover your blog will have pop ups ads that will not make a good impression on your audience. There will be very limited blog designs available with no uniqueness.


Paid Blog Hosting

Investing an amount on your blog means you are serious about it. You have full control over your website where you can install plugins and upload your own themes. You can also monetize your blog and hosting provider will run no ads on your blog.


Types of Web Hosting Services

Shared hosting – Blog is hosted on the same server as others and considered to be cheapest blog site hosting service. The disadvantage is that blog can be influenced by other sites on the server.

VPN hosting – VPN hosting allows you to have your own dedicated space. Your blog won’t have any effect because of others on the server.

Dedicated hosting – Dedicated server will give high speed to your blog.

Cloud hosting (VPS Hosting) – This is the ideal web hosting. Your blog relies on multiple servers. It gives an advantage that your blog can never go offline even in the worst case scenario but it is an expensive web hosting service.