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Get featured WordPress Website design for perpetual online existence



To run the WordPress Website requires full features and functionality to fulfill all the requirements of users. WordPress.org as known as the real WordPress, provides everything a user needs, with full ease.

WordPress Website Design

WordPress website design is the one that uses CMS (Content Management System). The SEO optimized websites with user–friendly interface has proved to be responsive and feasible to use. The sites are time-saving and free in a way, neither there is any need to write the code, nor any development team is required.

Classification of WordPress website design:

The WordPress website design classified into two categories, help the people to ensure the best quality websites. WordPress.org and WordPress.com are the two types of WordPress websites serving the best features.

What is WordPress.org?

WordPress.org known to be the real WordPress website providing 100% features, is the most popular one. It is free for anyone to use with a small price of hosting and domain. The person having full control over the website is open to customizing it accordingly.

Wordpress Hosting

The brighter side of WordPress.org:

WordPress.org is the real WordPress website, providing lots of benefits, features, and easy to use.

  • The WordPress website design with no development charges is super fast and easy to use.
  • A person having WordPress.org has full control over the sight. The sight will never be turned off over the request of anyone, unless until it is not doing any illegal work.
  • Thousands of plugins are available to be added to your website. Some are free and some needs to get paid, you can choose it accordingly.
  • The customization of WordPress.org websites are simple and easy. One can add any new features and customize the design.
  • The website allowing you to run your ads helps to promote your business without any external expenditures.
  • An online store can be created, providing facilities to sell products, accept credit card payments, etc.
  • With this WordPress site, you can use google analytics for tracking purposes.

The darker side of WordPress.org:

Although it has an unlimited number of features, a few drawbacks are also there, including the costliness.

  • The need for web hosting is mandatory, just like other websites that cost a little higher, starting from $3 per month and go to $12 per month.
    • The responsibility of backups is all yours to do, but magically there are a lot of plugins available there
    • The responsibility of update is also all yours to do.

We can say that it provides a lot of benefits, and the darker side of WordPress.org can get neglected.