How Does the Affiliate Marketing Work


The term Affiliate Marketing refers to a process of selling the products or services of a person or of a company to others. Generally, you work as an agent and make a money on every sale. Simply, it is a commission based work on internet. You don’t invest your money or a time in manufacturing that product or purchasing that product, someone else has already done it, you just start selling it using your platform, you don’t get any cash until unless the owner occurs any sale from the product or services through you. It has been seen in the internet world the growing trend for selling the products on behalf of others and earning a commission as an agent. The huge growth in IT industry has led to this process of making income.


An Affiliate Marketing works through the following steps

You select an Affiliate Marketing program, looking the best option available in the market. Sometimes, you get deal done on percentage may be 5% to 20% depends on the company or a person you work for as an affiliate. In rare cases usually it goes beyond 20% or comes down to less than 5%. Navicosoft is one of the best companies in Pakistan offers 25% commission to its affiliates on each sale. Some companies don’t offer you percentage rather they offer you a flat rate for each sale they make through your link.


Basic Training or Personal Use of Saleable

It’s always better if you have personally used the product or have acquired the services of that firm you are working as an affiliate. This way your campaign for selling it will have a great impact on buyer and also you will be able to market it explaining all the attributes this product possesses. If you are selling the product you don’t know about, you might start losing your trust because of the poor quality of the product or service. So at least, basic training about the product/services is always recommended.


The Issuance of a Unique Link

In an Affiliate Marketing, from the company point of view, they don’t have to hire the staff who they are liable to pay in any situation even if they don’t generate any sale the whole month. An affiliate earns the commission only in case of occurring a sale. The affiliate gets registered on company’s website. The company issues a link against this process of registration. The affiliate starts sharing this link to his contacts on blog, social media like face book, twitter etc or to those who affiliate thinks can buy.


The only investment (The time)

The only thing from an affiliate point of view is his/her time investment that would be a compulsory part of this process that’s where the process starts from.

Some of the reviews sites consist on researchers, think tanks and authors become the part of the Affiliate Marketing process. Buyers read out those reviews and make their minds for buying.



It is concluded, an Affiliate Marketing is a great way to earn unlimited money without any cash investment, flexibility in working time, no boss just to have the platform to sell the products or services through sending the unique link. From company’s perspective no salary based hiring, chances to meet extra sales targets.