Top Concerns For Picking Best Application Hosting in 2022


You do not have to install high-end hardware for your professional applications, especially if you are looking to deploy an IT team. You do not need to go through the tiresome process of hardware replacement and upgradation. In this era of the internet, companies can host their own apps on the servers located at the external site, and they can access them remotely. Whether it is your own website, business-specific app, or gaming, each application is externally hosted with almost the same performance type. Hence picking best application hosting is definitely not an easy task.

Even if the application is hosted on a dedicated server or on a shared hosting server with another app, the best option among all kinds of mobile app hosting and app hosting is “cloud.” Cloud computing is definitely an innovative solution for picking best application hosting with extremely secure, scalable, and flexible features. It provides the users with complete access to several applications remotely. You can use an end-point device of choice with either a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Around 77 percent of businesses have at least one app which is hosted using the cloud.

There are so many preeminent app hosting providers offering cloud platforms for corporate applications. Nevertheless, picking best application hosting provider is not an easy job than searching for a needle in the haystack. Hence in order to clarify the confusion with reference to the services presented by the app hosting provider, here are a few points to consider before selecting one.


Business Continuity

No wonder how hard you try to retain the business applications and data security. There are still going to be some specific events that will compromise the reliability of the whole process. Hence such events can be something starting from a slight hardware failure or a data breach. In order to counter such disrupting events, picking best application hosting provider can resolve your problem. You can apply Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) as a significant part of your hosting services.

Business Continuity is a preemptive approach that includes the identification of such threats that can damage the business procedures and data. Hence if any risk is identified, appropriate procedures and protocols are made in advance for the occurrence of events. Moreover, Business Continuity makes sure that the mobile app hosting provider is ready for even the worst disrupting event. Disaster Recovery also makes sure that the data is safe at numerous geographical locations such that it is very convenient to recover the data even if the whole location is pretentious by a disaster or the worst situation. 


In order to get success, you should be picking best application hosting provider with several years of experience in hosting the applications explicit to your industry. For example, an accounting firm searching for hosting QuickBooks software needs to choose a hosting provider. That hosting provider should be very proficient in hosting accounting applications.


Selecting an experienced Mobile app hosting provider suggests that the provider is able to identify the necessities of your business procedure by providing the best environment. Therefore, it releases you from the procedure of examining the number of resources that are essential for your applications. Therefore, the picking best application hosting provider will definitely help you with that.



Uptime is basically the duration of the accessibility of the application, which the app hosting provider assures. The higher the uptime value will be, the higher the hosting provider’s reliability. A 99.9% value is a good and high standard value of uptime. Nevertheless, some noticeable hosting providers offer an uptime of less than 99.9%, which means that the site is going to stay down for a few hours in a year.



Data security is certainly worth paying attention to when it comes to any business. The best application hosting provider is likely to offer you discounts or an extensive range of services. It does not matter if they cannot provide a secure environment for the data.


Therefore, you will have to look for mobile hosting providers that apply multi-level security (administrative, physical, and network) as a major part of their setup. In addition to this, methods such as data encryption are secure for the transmission of data as well as multi-factor authentication, especially for protecting access to the application, which is extremely essential. Hence, you will have to examine the data centre’s physical security level, which helps store the data.


Customer Support

Offering competent customer support is an essential component that differentiates a good app hosting provider from the preeminent ones. Hence picking best application hosting provider will assure you of exceptional customer support. Some mobile app hosting providers deliver 24/7 support. However, you need to make sure that the support is accessible all 365 days a year, including weekends.

In addition to this, the reply and resolution time of the support team is also very significant. You will have to ensure that the mobile hosting provider delivers you support through several media, including mail, phone, and chat. In addition, it provides you with the chance to interact with the support team.


Choose Intelligently!

Considering all these aspects will help you pick the best application hosting provider. However, it also relies on the scale of your business, budget concerns, and ultimately your preferences. For example, some companies prefer security over support, whereas others have a different judgment criterion. Hence, it is indispensable to first analyze your industry process before making the final choice.