React vs Angular – Web Development tools


React vs Angular – Web Development tools

Web Development is a discipline related to your website and provide Web Development Services for all types of webpages and websites. Not to mention, there will be some supporters or Web Development tools with which the developer’s carry out the whole process. But what are these frameworks?


What are Web Development tools?

To put it simply, you can say that Website Development tools are the tools, techniques, and frameworks of the developers with which they create and build websites, web applications, and provide Website Development Services.


One of the Web Development tools is Angular. Angular is a Web Development structural framework that builds dynamic webpages. This framework eases the process of developing for developers and reduces the coding efforts (they don’t have to write all the code). Another label for Angular is AngularJS. It is because it is a JavaScript framework written in typescript (a programming language).


React is library that builds User Interfaces or UI components for Website Development and Mobile App Development. Its other names are React.js or ReactJS due to the relation with JavaScript. React is famous for Front-End Development and provide simplified development of interfaces.

React vs Angular

Here is a comparison of two famous developing tools.



Angular is a Web Development Framework whereas React is a Library.

(A framework and a library differ related to the control. If you are using a library, you are the commander of the flow of the application, yet if you are using a framework then the framework will be the commander to control the flow of application)


Angular lacks flexibility in comparison with React, which provides a variety of tools and libraries.

Development Approach

Angular use HTML and prefers client-side rendering. React use hybrid JavaScript and HTML files and slightly prefers server-side rendering 


Angular works on automatic dependency injection (an object is receiving another object on which it can depend). In contrast, React needs additional tools and libraries. 

Data flow

Angular provides two-directional data binding (flow) and React offers unidirectional data binding.


The speed of Angular is faster than React. Angular allows the component designing within a few coding lines and do it in great speed. While in case of React, (as it has to work together with) other libraries somehow take time for component designing.


Angular has got the popularity for being the second-best framework for Website Development services. In contrast, the React has gained the favour of being the best library for Website Development.

Let’s check out the application of both Web Development tools in real-life as famous networks of the digitalized era are using both.


Who is using Angular? 

Google AdWords, Gmail, YouTube, Microsoft, PayPal, McDonald’s, HBO, SONY


Who is using React? 

User Interfaces of Facebook and Instagram, Netflix, Uber, Dropbox