4 best code editors for website development


4 best code editors for website development

The pre-requisites for any front end & back end web developer is a standard computer system, stable network connection, web browser, and a code editor. No doubt, you can go for website development without the code editor. However, using one makes your task much easier. But how?

Why do I need code editors for web development?

Referring to a code editor’s general features, it becomes an essential tool for a web developer. To err is human, and errors in coding can cost heavy. So, the code editor helps you with your coding and top-notch website development and makes it super easy. Furthermore, it uplifts your quality.

Smart work!

There are many code editors available that you can choose from.

The best code editors for website development

By now, we have a wide variety of code editors available so that you can choose according to your working style, coding knowledge, and the nature of your work. The use of code editors started with Notepad++, and after that, various code editors came into the market. Some of these are TextWrangler, Coda, Sublime Text, TextMate, BBEdit, CoffeeCup HTML editors. However, with the ever-developing technology, the options are narrowed down. You may choose to use the same code editor your instructor uses, pick up from a top-notch website development company, or you can choose one yourself. Just make sure it helps you improve your productivity.

Here, we have a list of the best code editors for you.


Atom ranks among the best code editors for website development launched by Github. However, Microsoft is the current owner of the editor. It is the most loved code editor because it allows various developers to work on the same project, with the same code from different world regions.

It offers more than 50 open-source extensions, snippets, a simple user interface, Node.js integration, etc. Moreover, it can be used with Windows, Mac as well as Linux operating systems. It is important to note that booting is slower, and it may occasionally slow down your system.


In contrast to the long loading periods of Atom, Vim is faster than other editors. Vim code editor is popular because it loads instantly and uses minimal memory. It offers you a plugin for almost every task. No need for a mouse because Vim is keyboard based. However, you may face some issues with its support for tooling and the cut/paste function. Furthermore, you may find it hard to learn with various commands and shortcuts. 

Visual Studio Code

Microsoft developed a visual studio code editor on the same grounds as Atom. However, visual studio code is faster at startup as well as with function. So it is more like an atom with some improvements. The code editor’s unique features are the IntelliSense auto-complete feature, integration of built-in Git, and a built-in debugger.

Moreover, it is customizable, open-source, and offers an easy-to-use marketplace and extension ecosystem. 


This is another one of the best code editors for website development. Brackets is also a cross-platform code editor, which is open-source. It offers various amazing features such as automatic application of CSS stylesheet to marked HTML elements. Moreover, it offers auto-suggestion for coding, multiple cursor, color picker (such a relief from color hex), and live preview.

However, Brackets is not for both the front end & back end developer. Rather, it serves the front-end developers the best with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.