4 reasons for low performance of content writing services


4 reasons for low performance of content writing services

Since, Google updates its algorithm for more than 600 times a year and it has more than 200 factors to rank the content, you maybe lagging. It is quite painful to invest your all and get nothing in return.


We understand that. Fortunately, this is not a dead end. You can still figure out why your performance of content writing services is lagging to improve your SEO copywriting.

Here are some of the common reasons that affect your performance and consequently, the content writing services.


Competitive keywords

When you write to rank your content it is all about the keywords. If you are good at SEO copywriting yet fail to rank better, maybe you are targeting highly competitive keywords. You can hire a digital marketing agency for the job or else you should target the relevant long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords length ranges from 3-5 words key phrases. You can use various keyword tools such as Google keyword planner, solve, Jaaxy, etc.



One of the reasons for low performance of content writing services may be insufficient back links. Google’s algorithm evaluate the website for its domain authority and relevancy. Good backlink portfolio helps you rank better. So try to gain backlink naturally, use variety in anchor texts, and guest posting.     


Structure of the internal links

Internal links are as important as external links. You must ensure that your professional content writer inserts relevant internal links. It is vital because Google analyzes the relevancy among the linked website page and the post to attribute value to your website. For further insights you can check internal linking for SEO by Yoast.


Outdated content

Another one of the factors for low performance of content writing service is outdated content. By this I mean, you must keep a check on the relevancy of your content. Historical optimization is an amazing practice to rank your content. Go for checking the current rank, target keyword, traffic, and bounce rates.