5 Web Hosting mistakes you need to avoid!


5 Web Hosting mistakes you need to avoid!

Your selection of a web hosting service is the first step to your online success. Making some common web hosting mistakes can contribute to poor customer experience, slowing your website and frequent downtime. Here are some frequently made mistakes you might want to avoid:


Choosing wrong hosting package

Small businesses have to choose between VPS hosting and shared hosting. In VPS hosting, the website hosting is shared with other people, but resources such as storage space, bandwidth and CPU time are private and cloud based. It is most suitable to opt for VPS hosting if you expect high levels of traffic. Otherwise, a reputed shared web hosting service can be a good option.


Make sure that your hosting company facilitates you to upgrade your plan anytime easily. Also, it should be easy for you to add more bandwidth or storage to your hosting plan. Do proper research before you finalize your hosting service. Some companies start with low prices but charge a lot for upgradation.


Choosing a free hosting plan

One of the common web hosting mistakes is getting a free hosting plan. A free hosting plan may sound like a good option, but it will cause problems in the long run. Some issues you might encounter are slow loading speed and unable to scale your website. Search engines do not consider websites using free hosting in their search engine results. Many free web hosting services inject pop-up ads on your website, making a bad impression on your customers. Free hosting service has the least reliability, poor speed and downtime.


Not testing customer support service

Many web hosting companies claim to have 24/7 support which is actually not the case. Before selecting your web hosting company, make sure to test their customer service. Test all their contact options including email, live chat, phone, etc.


Choosing a hosting with no refund guarantee

As a new website owner, make sure not to make a mistake of opting for web hosting that does not guarantee a refund. You may choose a package that is not suitable for you so to be on the safe side, you should have the option of getting your money back. A reputed web hosting company will cooperate to refund your money or even transfer you to a suitable package.


Unaware of Limitations

It is important to find a hosting plan that lets your business grow. A good web hosting plan should easily scale up just like your business. Thus it is one of the most common web hosting mistakes if you choose a plan that limits you. If the restrictions imposed cause issues and are not resolved easily, it can cause major problems. Hosting providers make sure that the service they provide save them on running cost.