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Advance plugins & built-in features of Woocommerce

Advance plugins & built-in features of Woocommerce

Significance of Advance Plugins & Built-in Features of Woocommerce

eCommerce businesses are increasing day by day. Thus, many eCommerce platforms have come to the limelight during the past years. Naming a few include BigCommerce, Shopify, Magento, Wix, etc. Yet, Woocommerce has a worldwide appreciation for being an outstanding eCommerce platform. However, what’s pondering is how it has secured its pace and place in this competitive race.

Curious as to know, how?

The advanced plugins & built-in features of Woocommerce are one of many reasons behind its extensive popularity. In particular, they play a substantial role in making it suitable for any eCommerce business by engendering flexibility and reliability. Besides, Woocommerce Optimization helps to let it keep rolling its efficiency.

Obviously, with the change in niche and varied customer base, each business has got distinct needs to continue working as an online store. Interestingly, Woocommerce assists in all possible ways to portray it as a functional online store.

Woocommerce has plenty of freebie plugins, extensions, and features to incorporate eCommerce functionality into the website. However, it also offers premium features to provide you with every best deal to optimize the online store (you can use Woocommerce Optimization to maximize your store as well). Therefore, you can use them to hone your business for it to grow to its full potential.

Let’s check out,

Some Advance Plugins & Built-in Features of Woocommerce

Product Shipping & Payments

Its advanced features provide plenty of shipping options, for instance, local delivery, pickup, and shipping. Further, you have the choice to set the same/ different rates/ charging extra for small and heavy products. You can manage the payments using drag and drop payment processing.

Organizing and displaying the shipping and payment options during checkout to let the customers opt for their suitability.


Pre-installed Payment Gateways

WooCommerce has built-in payment processing for Stripe and PayPal to streamline the purchasing experience. It permits payment exchange using credit/ debit cards, direct bank transfer, checks, and cash on delivery, etc.
You can even add a paid plugin for your desired payment gateway and install it easily.

Multiple Currencies Support

Not only the above, but you can also use plugins to switch between multiple currencies. Thus, it recalculates and displays the rates subsequently. Even the customers can pay in their respective currency during checkout.
Interestingly, its built-in currencies let you easily configure base currency.

Geolocation Support

You can expect geolocation support as well, with which you can auto-detect the customers’ address for shipping location and tax calculations, respectively.

Tax Options

Likewise, above, based on location and country policies, built-in features of Woocommerce let you calculate and show taxes. Hence it reliable for eCommerce businesses dealing with nationwide and international customers (operating in various countries).

Thus, all these functionality boosters make Woocommerce a prime choice for eCommerce store(s). The listed are the most common ones, and you can buy and install other plugins and advance built-in features to cope with your website/ business needs.

An important deal about installing these advanced features

Mostly what happens is that using too many plugins though increases the functionality. However, slowdowns the Woocommerce site. Therefore, do remember to employ Woocommerce Optimization to boost the speed in the meantime.