Top 5 App Hosting Services providers in USA


Nowadays, apps are the best source that can engage the customers for businesses. You can capitalize on your applications more if it is lodged with a high-profile web hosting company. Typically, Amazon and Google are renowned for SaaS. However, alongside the SaaS, you can sign up with any of the Best Cheap Website Hosting Companies. Indeed, unearthing the right host in the USA is challenging and time-consuming. Here we have reeled off the top 5 App Hosting Services providers in USA, so let us help you make a quick decision.

However, before a deep dive, you must know:


What actually Application Hosting is? 

Apps or software need a special platform to come live on the internet. So when you opt for App Hosting Services, you are to purchase these computing platforms that aid in the delivery of software via the internet. Now, the app or software can be based on any platform and customized to user preferences. Therefore, App Hosting will be of different types. For instance, it can be CMA (Content Management Applications), Mobile App Hosting, Web Development Applications, Database Applications and Email Management Applications.

In short, App Server Hosting enables you to build, manage, and deploy the best apps of all niches and sizes. So now let’s move on to look through:

Top 5 App Hosting Services providers in USA

1. NavicoSoft 

The first company is NavicoSoft which has been delivering hosting solutions since 2008 in around 200 countries. And until now, it has hosted millions of websites and applications pertaining to various industries.

Therefore, NavicoSoft is able to host any type of applications from business-specific to industry-oriented, like accounting apps and construction apps with a high customer satisfaction rate. Moreover, with data centres in multiple locations globally and cloud services, you can launch your CMA ApplicationsMobile Apps, Desktop Applications, Database Applications and Email Applications smoothly.

Added features in the Application Hosting Services
  • Wide range of web and Mobile App hosting; WordPress hosting, Node Js hosting, Asp Net hosting, PHP hostingRails hosting, Magento hosting, Drupal hosting, Crystal Reports hosting with Asp.NET MVC & .NET Core Support.
  • One-click installation
  • Application hosting plans are available for VPS, dedicated servers, and cloud servers.
  • 4GB to unlimited space and unlimited data transfer
  • Reliable support for extensive operating systems (OS), databases, and tools
  • Data export functions for easy migrations
  • Advanced App Monitoring and a customizable dashboard and quick fixes
  • Security Bundles to prevent attacks and malicious intrusions
  • Automated backups for both Windows Application Hosting and Linux Application Hosting
Additional Benefits
  • Already deployed platforms, control panel, and customized features per each.
  • Affordable prices for all application hosting
  • A flexible platform with the freedom to choose tools for security optimization, database performance, and scalability
  • Web and Mobile App development services (if requested)
  • Payment through any channel, including Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash
  • 3 days hosting trial
  • Integration of various products like Microsoft Azure and Office 365 (if needed)
  • 24/7 dedicated customer support with a fast solution delivery rate for all queries.

2. Protected Harbor 

Second, comes the Protected Harbor in leading App Hosting Services providers in USA.
Protected Harbor started in 1991 as a software password reset solution provider yet soon extended to offering hosting services. Protected Harbor also assists you through its top-notch services for Content Management Applications, Mobile App Hosting, Web Development Applications, Database Applications and Email Management Applications.

Added features in the Application Hosting
  • App Hosting plans across private servers, partnered cloud servers, and also on managed servers
  • Fastest platform deployment to let your app up and running in minutes.
  • Well-designed Application platforms with simplified deployment and optimization
  • Durability and reliability in application layers
  • Flexible access and scaling of application
  • Backups
  • Advanced 24/7/365 application monitoring
  • Security against penetration and ransomware attacks
  • Monthly and yearly subscription model for App Server Hosting
Additional Benefits
  • Pay for only what you are using
  • Find the with the professional staff using convenient channels (email and phone support, ticketing, and 24/7 live chat)
  • Free IT consultation

3. Liquid Web 

With customers in over 150 countries, Liquid Web is third in the list of finest App Hosting Services providers in USA. The company also has global data centres and offers high-performance hosting for every mission-critical project, whether a website or an application.

Added features in the App Server Hosting
  • App hosting include WordPress, Node Js, DrupalMagento, Joomla and other mobile apps
  • Custom and Managed Hosting Solutions for all applications
  • Hosting plan across VPS, Dedicated, Cloud Dedicated, VMware Private Cloud servers
  • Application installer
  • Easy scaling of application
  • Free CDN for resource-intensive apps
  • Free automatic daily backups for applications of up to 100 GB.
  • Advanced security tools and 24/7/365 app monitoring
Additional Benefits
  • Expert support for both Windows and Linux operating systems
  • 24/7 call, chat, email, and ticketing to communicate with Linux & Windows certified techs.
  • HIPAA compliant hosting solutions
  • 100% network & power uptime guaranty

4. Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean is the next hosting expert we have added to the list of top App Hosting Services providers in USA.
With globally distributed 14 data centres, Digital Ocean has been serving its clients in around 185 countries with hosting services. The company was started in 2011 and is a cloud computing expert. Therefore, it can skillfully host all kinds of mobile and web apps.

Added features in the App Hosting
  • Extensive framework support for Node Js, Django, LAMP, LEMP
  • Virtual machines (VMs) and Kubernetes to run the apps
  • Developer-friendly, production-ready cloud platform
  • Fine Intel processors for blazing speeds
  • Vast spaces and volumes on SSD for high-speed storage
  • One-click app stacks for easy installation and configuration
  • Applications monitoring
Additional Benefits
  • Fast and flexible scaling of web and Mobile App Hosting
  • Easy migrations
  • Digital Ocean’s community tutorials and resources

5. NTC Hosting

Last yet 5th top among the credible App Hosting Services providers in USA is none other than NTC Hosting. The company was established in 2005 and has data centres in five locations globally. Despite a few years of hosting experience, it soon has become famous for reliable and customer-centric Web Hosting Services.

Added features in the App Server Hosting Services
  • Scalable hosting solutions extends to WordPress, Joomla, OpenRealty, and others.
  • Unlimited disk space and unlimited traffic accommodation
  • ZFS Storage with SSD cache
  • One-click apps & frameworks Installers
  • Mod_Security anti-hack & security firewalls
  • Daily backups and automated Dropbox backups
  • App monitoring and Real-time statistics
  • Instant installations of the desired application and platforms
  • Discounts if you pay yearly
  • VPN traffic up to 5GB
  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • 24/7 support by phone, live chat, and ticketing
Additional Benefits
  • No set-up fee
  • Free 100+ different themes (available to customers to download only from their Control Panel)
  • Advanced load-balanced cloud hosting platform
  • Ready-made apps with easy installations
  • 30 days free hosting trial

Bottom Line! 

The above Top 5 App Hosting Services providers in USA are what we filtered from thousands of hosting providers. These all are the best alternatives for amazon and google offered hosted platforms. However, we recommend NavicoSoft owing to its diverse Web app hosting solutions and Mobile App Hosting services that seems more reliable in quality.