Benefits of Geo-located Web Hosting


Benefits of Geo-located Web Hosting

It is very important to assess what your motives are when choosing a suitable web hosting for your business. It can get tricky to decide alone, but we shall try to assist you in your decision.

Geolocated web hosting is amongst the famous Geo-located Web Hosting these days.

What is it? How is it different? What benefits can you get in it? We have tried to answer all these questions in this article.

Consider the following points before getting in to any detail:

  • Flexibility
  • Power
  • Latency
  • Speed

It is of no doubt that cloud hosting is way more flexible than other options available and offer you more power. But are you looking for flexibility and power only?

Latency and speed are another factors that you might want to consider as well. Latency refers to the “time delay before a transfer of data begins following an instruction of its transfer” (Google Definition). These high latencies can be very irritating at times.

Want higher load speeds and better latency?

In a Geolocated Web Hosting, servers are located in different parts across the world to provide customers with faster load speeds and better (lower) latency.
Nearer the server to the user’s location, better the user gets the load speed. Hence, if your business growth is more based on these two factors then you would want to consider the geolocated web hosting. One example of these type of business is the Virtual Private Network (VPN) providers. But, geolocated hosting is not restricted to VPN providers. It could also benefit your business as well.

Want to increase your chances to hit your target audience?

Apart from getting higher speeds and lower latency you would also get benefit in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in a geolocated web hosting. It is most likely that a user would use Google for their search, right?
Google’s search engine works on an algorithm that also takes into consideration the location of the server and the user, along with the other factors.

So, if you want to increase the chances of your website to hit your target audience located in a specific region of the world then geolocated web hosting would be very beneficial to you.

Not in the position to pay for costly Cloud Hosting?

As businesses really look upon managing the budget and gaining higher profits, everyone needs the best in the least price. Geolocated web hosting offers you a very cost effective plan of service and let you enjoy high load speeds, lower latency and SEO benefit.

We hope, this article has assisted you in your choice of a web hosting.