Drupal Vs Laravel: Exploring Differences in 2021


There is always a war between Drupal Vs Laravel which are two PHP frameworks. The confusion among developers as well as individuals keeps on increasing. Therefore it is not convenient to decide which one is superior for the project and helps scale up the business. Specifically when it comes to using an app or website for your daily use. Hence you can make your wise decision by selecting it. If you are not able to select which one is impeccable for your site or app, then don’t worry about it. Here is everything essential you need to know regarding these two strong PHP frameworks. In short, it will be covering some of the basic differences or key features between both of them, which is indispensable for you to know. So, let us dive deep into this knowledge and discover everything regarding Laravel and Drupal.


If you look at the history, Drupal was initially written by Dries Buytaert in 2001, which has now become a definitive open-source project. However, the standard release of Drupal is known as Drupal core, which consists of several features starting from basic to common and then proceeding to content-management systems. Such features mostly comprise user account registration and maintenanceRSS feedspage layout customizationmenu management, and system administration.

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Laravel was created by Taylor Otwell to offer a more innovative alternative for the CodeIgniter framework, which is not ideal for delivering features that include built-in support for user verification and authorization. The beta release was introduced on June 9, 2011, after which Laravel 1 was released later in the same month. Hence, Laravel 1 was one of the best choices for the sites or apps which use the built-in support for verification, localization, sessions, routing, models, views, and several other mechanisms. Above all, it is worth noting that it lacked support for controllers, preventing it from becoming a true MVC framework.

Drupal Vs Laravel: Exploring Different Features in 2021


Here are different features of Drupal Vs Laravel which will help you decide which one is better for your project.


Laravel: Features


Laravel has several benefits, and the list is endless. Let us discuss a few of them which might be exceptional and most vital for you to know more regarding Drupal Vs Laravel.


1. Fast routing

Simple and fast routing is one of the primary and most significant features of Laravel. All Laravel directories are well-defined in the route file, which is found in the route directory. The preeminent thing about these files is that the firework loads them. Hence you do not have to do anything by yourself.

2. Remarkable event broadcasting

Laravel is best for WebSocket connections. This is because it makes everything very convenient for broadcasting an event on a WebSocket connection. In addition to this, broadcasting a Laravel event also allows you to share that event name between the server-side code as well as the customer-side javascript application.

3. Tremendous background job processing

One of the most exceptional features of Laravel is that it provides you with a unified API on various queue backends, which enables you to comply with the handling of time-consuming tasks. Therefore, it increases the speed of requests on your application.

4. Intuitive database ORM

The Powerful ORM, which is found with Laravel, provides simple ActiveRecord employment for operating with your database.

Drupal: Features


Drupal consists of all the features which comprise of a content management system. It is a perfect choice for increasing web applications or even websites. It has numerous key features. Hence, let us discover some of these best key features to be more aware of Drupal Vs Laravel.

1 .Database and web server independent

It doesn’t even matter what the typical configuration of using Drupal is. The best aspect of Drupal is that it comprises of a database and web server which is independent. Even if it has a database configuration based on Linux, MySQL, or PostgreSQL and Apache, it still tends to operate on IIS, Microsoft SQL Server, and BSD, if you want to.

2. Best-in-class device

If you are using Drupal, you do not have to worry regarding a specific display. If your website requires any optimization for desktop, mobile, or any other devices, Drupal makes sure that it can automatically detect the browser the theme required.

3. Several content types

Another interesting feature of Drupal is it provides you immense flexibility over various content types. Therefore, it means that you can define new stories, articles, and blog posts. In addition, Drupal also allows you user comments which are linked with the content functionality.


4. Extremely tuned SEO

SEO is an indispensable aspect for any site in order to boost its ranking on Google. The advantage of using Drupal is that the website is tuned for search engines through natural language URLs, customizable metatags, permanent links to content, and descriptions which are inevitably created on XML sitemap. Therefore you simply do not have to worry about SEO if you are using Drupal.

5. Robust online community

Drupal has a massive online community. Therefore, you can install it using forums, polls, blogging, and other rich user profiles. Also, there is a wide range of modules along with custom development which helps to facilitate a form of user-generated content just like Youtube, Facebook, and Flickr.

6. Real-time Tracking and Stats

You do not have to create any real-time stats for tracking the performance of your website. It is because Drupal has its user tracking and statistics. The best feature is that you can integrate it with third-party reporting tools, including Google Analytics, without any specific limitations.

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