Floral Shop Marketing Ideas and How to Attract More Customers


For flower shops, it can be hard to make yourself stand out amongst all the other floral businesses. It can be even harder to utilize marketing for florists. In addition, the rise of social media marketing and Google Ads. Learning how to use digital marketing for florists and applying outstanding floral shop marketing ideas is critical to synchronizing with the competition.

Small businesses everywhere need to adapt to the internet age. According to the study, the job outlook for florists is at a 6% decline. But, as in January 2018, most florists continue positive about incoming sales. With effective Floral Shop Marketing Ideas, you can be sure your business has fruitful years ahead of it.

This reading will talk about Floral Shop Marketing Ideas to catch up with the digital age and attract more customers.

1. Use social media marketing platforms

Flowers are very picturesque. It would be a bad decision not to share them online. Furthermore, social media is a great way to build visibility to find loyal customers. And also retain them.

It is a great way to build your brand as well. It creates an image around your business. Here you can show your customers what kind of florist you are. Either you specialize in a niche or business or if your designs have a unique style for them.



Instagram is the social media network to go for pictures. It is the perfect place to keep an informal portfolio of your work. It is vital to post high-res photos. Instagram is both a way to attract more customers directly and showcase your services and art.

Post your best pictures–those that attract your potential customers with the effect of the flowers you had. For instance, you specialize in floral wedding arrangements. Consequently, feature interesting and attractive photos of the event with your flowers set up.

A common practice for all social media marketing services is to post different types of pictures you make.

Suppose you take pictures of flower bunches in the same light and same position; it will exhaust your followers. As it would not give a feel of what your flowers look like in different situations. So, keep posting with exclusive pictures.

Another common practice of SMM is to make sure you post consistently, whether that means once a day or once a week. Constantly posting means, your followers will see you constantly. It will keep them involved with you and your business.


Like Instagram, you have to post constantly and market different posts to effectively your Facebook marketing. However, the vital part is creating a business page for your flower shop, where you should publish all your posts. You have to have an individual Facebook page to create a business page.

Facebook is a very good place to publicize special events. For example, you can post pictures of your store or bouquets and post about your current sales. It helps you create an image of the best flower shop.



On Pinterest, individuals can create “boards” and make an aesthetic for their events using a set of images. For instance, a bride can make a panel that displays the images and mood she needs to see at her wedding. Florists can also utilize Pinterest to display the kind of aesthetic their flowers communicate or the sort of bouquets they need to create.

It is the second-highest social media network, next to Facebook with approx. 250 million active users. With statistics like that, Pinterest is absolutely a social network to consider.



2. Build a website and blog

Building A Website

Besides social media sites, owning your business website is a basic step in building good digital marketing for florists. Your website design is where you can smoothly keep all data about your business to sell more flowers.

It would support if you made it easy for visitors to find what they need to. For instance, what flowers will look like stylistically for a wedding.

Furthermore, you have an “About” page on your website to make it easy for visitors to get information about you and contact you when they need it.


It is the best method to get organic reach. A few factors go into how Google ranks in SERPs, including SEO and attracting more customers. Though SEO does play a part in being found online, you should also prioritize producing useful and interesting content. Google will position you lower if your audience clicks on your site and find nothing to get.

You can communicate about anything relevant to your business. For example, you could communicate the meaning of flowers. You can also write tips on making your bouquets or even about from where certain flowers come.

Like social media marketing, modifying your post subjects is a good idea to keep things fresh and keep your visitors engaged, but stay on topic.

3. Use Google Ads

Paid ads can be an excellent way to stand out amongst the crowd. They put more power into your hands than other kinds of advertising as you can choose who sees them. Targeting is a huge part of making your Google Ads campaign productive. For flower shops, make sure you narrow your area, so your ads only appear to those who live or shop around your area.

Search Ads

Google organizes search ads using a bid. So, how much you pay for specific keywords will make you more inclined to rank on the first page. But it is not the only aspect influencing your ad’s placement. The quality of your ad and visitor experience matters here as well. So, when someone clicks on your ad, there is a high chance they will buy your products before they even arrive at your page.


Display Ads

Display ads are ads that you see as you scroll within your favorite websites. It is a mixture of visuals and text, and so it is important to make sure your cast photo is eye-catching and matches your text. Hence, it forces the person viewing the ad to click on it.

However, display ads are the best retargeting tool, meaning they are a great way of tracking potential customers that left your website without buying anything. For instance, if someone adds flowers to their cart but never shops them, you can use display ads to tell them about their interest while they scroll through a blog about wedding floral setup.

4. Utilize Yelp

Reviews can go long-term. According to a study, customers read approximately ten reviews for a business before they can trust them, and 57% trust a business if it has four or more stars. So, as you can see, reviews are great for your business, and nothing promotes reviews more than good customer service.

Besides giving great customer service, though, there are certain ways you can improve the number of reviews for your company. For example, when a customer has a positive experience with you, ask them to write a positive review for you on Yelp.

It keeps all the information someone might want to know about a business in one compact place. It shows you the location of the business, showcases a collection of photos, and makes it easy for someone to start an order without having to be directed to another website. Consequently, it is additionally one of the best ways to attract more customers.

5. Do not Forget Offline Marketing

While digital marketing is important and differentiates a successful campaign from an unsuccessful one, offline marketing is important, especially for local businesses. It is because most of your customers will come from the area of your business.

Word of mouth is one of the most important ways to improve business.

It has the highest trust rate in comparison to any other form of advertising. As with reviews, the best method to increase the number of actual word-of-mouth interactions is to make sure you have great customer service. Just like people will tell their friends and family if they liked your business, they will tell them if they had a bad experience.

Networking is another great step to offline advertising.

Joining programs or other networking groups will make you contact more florists with whom you will be able to swap information. In addition, it will let you keep up with trends and stay in the know for great things about your business.


Magazine Advertising

Advertising in magazines permits you to reach those most likely interested in your business, similar to Google display ads. Choose a local magazine so you can reach those people already near you. It is most effective for small businesses and when offering deals or services.



As we have seen, the future of Floral Shop Marketing Ideas is in SEO and social media marketing. But, unfortunately, we know some wedding and event florists that the only marketing is social media marketing have difficulties.

Still, Digital marketing for florists in the future is important to keep up to the left behind. Hopefully, this reading assisted you in calculating how to get started and focus on your future marketing endeavors.

However, you can hire a digital marketing company for a florist business to help you achieve success.