How do I activate my CloudLinux license?


How do I activate my CloudLinux license?


You can think of CloudLinux OS as a more stable and secure OS to efficiently control the servers’ resource usage. However, to get this control, you need to purchase the CloudLinux license and activate it. That being said, after purchasing, individuals, especially beginners, get perplexed about how do I activate my CloudLinux license.

So here we are with the complete solution to help you out with activating a cheap CloudLinux license.

Keep in mind that the procedure (syntax) can vary depending on the license you have. For instance:


If you have the License Activation Key:

When you purchase the CloudLinux OS directly from the services provider, you have to purchase the activation key. Thus, for activation:
You need to log in to your CloudLinux server using SSH and run the commands.
yum install rhn-setup –enable-repo=cloudlinux-base
rhreg_ks –activation-key=<activation-key> –force


If you have an IP-Based License:

When you purchase the OS from the CloudLinux partners, they give you an IP-based license. To activate it, use the commands

yum install rhn-setup –enable-repo=cloudlinux-base

clnreg_ks –force

Tip: If needed you can try adding the words – /usr/sbin/ with the second command. That is: /usr/sbin/ clnreg_ks –force

If the above commands do not work in either case (key/IP-based), you need to verify the CloudLinux license validity. So follow these couple of steps and resolve your worries about how do I activate my CloudLinux license. Also, if you have further queries, we are available round the clock.