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Indispensable Benefits of Windows Shared Server

Windows Shared Server

Indispensable Benefits of Windows Shared Server

Windows Shared Hosting is not simply made for everyone. It provides some exclusive advantages for businesses, making it a better fit. ASP.NET Hosting provides you hosting with applications that need IIS, ASP.NET, and MSSQL using the updated software stack. Hence, one-click script installation uses 400 distinctive applications such as Joomla, Drupal, and many more using just one click on the control panel. Plesk Onyx 17.5 (demo) allows you to manage Windows shared hosting as well as applications using a single server. In most situations, experts recommend Linux considering it a default operating system. The main reason behind it is that there are benefits of Windows Shared Server. It is more secure, open-source, and easily customizable. However, with such technological advancements, Windows cannot compete with another hosting. Therefore, even though they are not very popular, Windows servers provide multiple benefits that include ease of use.

Windows Shared Server

Whichever Operating System you are planning to select for your site immensely depends upon your website necessities. For example, suppose your site requires the execution of Windows Specific Technologies such as ASP, NET, MS SQL, MS Access. In that case, you can easily select a Windows Shared Hosting package considering all the benefits of Windows Shared Server.

The .Net Framework

If your site depends on visual basic or .net, opting for Windows Hosting will be the best choice. It is a good choice deemed to provide an effective website with such amazing languages. A UNIX hosting is not capable of making use of such languages. Even if you do need either of these, a Windows Hosting Platform is a greater platform. Moreover, you can use MVC. and ASPX technology since .NET supports site building trends.

Convenient To Use

If you know about the Windows Operating system, opting for a Windows-based server provides you a good learning process without any difficulty. Even if you are only a beginner user, it is definite that you will not be required to learn any new language just to sustain your website.

Access Compatibility

If your site requires data collection from Access Database, you will need a windows server that is seamlessly ready to incorporate the database. However, there are several database choices that include MySQL; however, many users still desire to opt for Access. Windows servers can very easily use for the integration.

Windows Shared Server
Windows Shared Server


One of the major benefits of Windows Shared Server includes the flexibility it provides. It allows you to operate several scripts at the same time. Moreover, it increases the efficiency, especially when the servers are crowded. The most beneficial aspect about it is that you will run various operating systems on a one server using Microsoft.

ASP .Net and Database-Driven Pages

If you plan to use .Net technology with the updated MVC in .Net or you have a dynamical database-driven website, Windows Shared Hosting is always a superior option to some extent. However, the increase in popularity of .ASP is persuading website owners to drop the Windows Hosting Program even if they had been using the Unix platform for several years.


One of the evident benefits of Windows Shared server is its development. If you are planning to develop a Windows-based app for your website or looking for a Windows Shared Hosting platform, it will be a much better choice to opt for it. Unix is unable to support the Windows Development language of your specific choice, especially when you have to serve it for the best Windows-based server.

One of the best parts is that Windows Server supports web hosting using php/MySQL platform for applications. Moreover, it uses IIS Server so that you have some major website applications operating on asp.Net (Windows platform). Hence even the sub-domain can claim to work for a WordPress blog (php/MySQL).


Another major benefit of using a Windows shared server is its security feature. It offers you excellent security since it is safe to use in maximum cases. In addition, any site that you are planning to host requires an internet connection that redirects you through the servers. Hence, if anyone is trying to access the site, they can make sure that your website and data are secure to use.

All the above benefits or merits served by Windows Shared Hosting involve several aspects for your site. Hence it will be more suitable to opt for it in the long term and operate it using managed sites.

Is it worth it?

Windows server is a familiar system for all users making use of the operating system. Users just have to start the application since they get access to all the features. Familiarity with the operating system makes Windows a favorable option for most businesses. Hence many organizations prefer operating systems such as Windows 2021 or Windows XP.

You can easily opt for effective and cheap Windows Shared Hosting packages along with domain name registration, several other websites hosting solutions. It also includes email hosting, website creator \builder, web security, and much more.