Jinshan cloud VS Tencent

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Jinshan Cloud | VPS in China

Jinshan cloud is a very wide spread cloud and VPS in China .Its importance related to VPS in China shouldn’t be ignored. Jinshan cloud has given its services in soft support cloud. 

Jinshan cloud has given an innovative idea to VPS in China by putting forward the idea of Scorpio Cloud. 

It is that first VPS in China that has enabled the users to improve and refine their operational capabilities. Product innovation and the innovation and improvement in VPS in China at infrastructure level is provided by Jinshan.Their website is a very stable platform to help their operations. 

Jinshan Cloud is constantly making efforts to better their services regarding VPS in China. 

In the past years,VPS in China has been through many development stages out of which four important stages will be discussed below: 

  • Virtual host 
  • Independent host 
  • VPS host 
  • Cloud hosting 

After 2011, the VPS in China market has been exploded by investors because the foundation of the services has become very clear and prominent. 

The orientation of Jinshan Yun is really good and looking forward to attract more masses and provide them with a platform to help in their operations and goals.

Tencent Cloud-VPS in China

The key features of Tencent cloud are as following:

Powerful Network

Tencent VPS in China has a very powerful network and it fulfills the requirement of many tencent users.It’s a fast VPS in China and also very accessable. 


It is very customized and have solution to all the problems of its users.It is that VPS in China that is optimized and refined for business. 

All over Globe coverage

Tencent is providing VPS in China and other five continents and 45 regions. 

Other Advantages

Its other advantages are mobile payment through that VPS and online video gaming and also music. 

 Other then than its Virtual Private Cloud helps to make independent and space of network that is very important facility provided by a VPS in China. 

It allows optimized and very refined services like Network segment classification, IP addresses and also policies for routing. 

It can also help its users for VPS in China to build VPN tunnels by direct connection to connect private isolated network. 

It has a very diversified access with various network in VPS in China.It has a very high performance internet. 



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