VPS Hosting in China

vps-hosting-in-china Best VPS Hosting service providers in China Looking for VPS hosting service providers in China? VPS hosting in china by different venders are discussed so you can choose the best Order Now

Best VPS Hosting service providers in China | VPS Hosting in China

VPS(Virtual Private Server) in China have their own operating systems and they provide personalized solutions to the requirement of users. Market of China is distinctive and it stands out from others in providing best hosting with so many variety, where each is offering unique optimized VPS and customer can choose the one that suits best to their needs. VPS is great for: Making the site secure by using The Great China Firewall VPS caters customized needs in a fast manner VPS is effective and user-friendly VPS grows your site quickly VPS Hosting in China is also high-priced than other places. These are some of the Servers in China that provide tailored services to users and also have their main centers located in China:

AWS (Amazon Web Services)

It provides specified services to its users in alliance with local partners. Their VPS is available in Beijing and Ningxia. AWS is a good VPS selection in terms of being cost friendly and product variety.

Alibaba cloud

It provide VPS to highest number of locations in China like, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shenzhen, Qingdao, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Zhangjiakou. Alibaba has expertise in applications of ICP. It also provides VPS for support of CDN, load balancer, data base, storage and also for backup.

Sino Hosting

Sino also provides VPS effectively in the following regions in China, Chansha, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai. Sino provides quick installation for soft wares like, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal. This VPS also provides a 10 days money refund policy.


GZIDC is a VPS that provides registration of a domain, services for cloud, Hosting of websites and vacation rental management. Providing VPS Hosting In China in, Guangdong, South, and North China and Hong Kong.

HA Bang Net

It is an optimized VPS provider. It’s server is situated in Beijing and it provides hosting for WordPress. It also provides a starter plan of $10 per month that can enable you to download software like Joomla and WordPress.

Jinshan Cloud

It is a vast VPS sourcer and among the top three clouds provider in China. They have VPS centers of data in around 19 locations. They give VPS like, CDN, server, Storage of object, load balancing, video solution and firewall related web application.


It is a trust worthy VPS provider. It gives VPS services to developers like, WeChat and QQ. This VPS provider is perfect for startups which are in their initial stages as it provides low cost but effective VPS.

Baidou Cloud

This VPS provider gives services in, Beijing, Guangzhou, Suzhou and Hong Kong. It is a google contender. Baidu Cloud gives VPS in computing, networking and also in storage.


This VPS provider has a vast service and is undertaking 50,000 customers of enterprise.


This VPS provider gives more than 100 clouds and its centers are situated in North and East of China. It is currently working on extending its VPS cloud in China.



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