Why should you buy VPS hosting? | Types


Why should you buy VPS hosting? | Types


VPS is the abbreviation of Virtual Private Server. Hence, it is nothing like controlling a dedicated physical server. Conversely, a hypervisor software such as VirtualBox divides the physical server into dozens or virtual servers. Now, each of these virtual servers runs its operating system. Moreover, every virtual server has its reserve part of the physical server’s memory, resources, files, databases, settings, and other resources. Before you buy VPS hosting, you must know what options you may have with a cheap VPS hosting server.

Types of VPS hosting

There are several types of VPS hosting such as:

Cloud VPS

As the term cloud indicates, cloud VPS is a computing solution. It is based on Linux’s Kernel Virtual Machine, often known as KVM. With cloud hosting, you have to pay only for what you use, proving to be beneficial in the long run. Furthermore, Cloud server hosting offers a virtual and scalable environment.

Managed VPS

Fully managed VPS or cPanel VPS hosting utilizes the pre-installed admin software on an already determined Operating System. For this, one may buy WHM or a cheap cPanel license. However, there may be Plesk, DirectAdmin, or Virtualizer, etc. Regardless of the OS and sysadmin software, it offers you technical support, server monitoring, Denial of Service protection, Vetted OS, and software upgrades if you buy VPS hosting.

Unmanaged VPS

There is no pre-installed software with unmanaged VPS hosting and no limitations in terms of the operating system and application. You will be responsible for the management of core server tasks. It is noteworthy that cloud VPS hosting is much more cost-efficient than unmanaged VPS. Furthermore, it requires you to master the skills of SSH, CLI. Web server management such as Apache, disaster Recovery.

High-availability VPS hosting

As a small to medium-sized business grows, the website with shared hosting is more likely to face downtime due to increased traffic. It indicates that this is the time for you to buy VPS hosting, which offers the maximum uptime (99.99% – 5 minutes per year). High- availability VPS hosting ensures the maximum uptime via Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID). Otherwise, you may lose potential customers due to longer loading times.