On Page SEO

On Page SEO

An On Page SEO is considered a major tool for improving the rank of your website through SEO (search engine optimization). On page SEO takes place inside the website, you don’t go outside for on page SEO. What you get from on page SEO? You get more crowd that leads to more chances for attaining your target.  You show extra care for few important things to receive more readers for your site. A Title, a Description and a URL.


Title plays a vital role in making your voice to be heard by more people, the more attractive the title will be the more people will shift to content. So, title always should be Concise, Clear, and Easy to understand.


Description is another important thing that helps on page SEO process better to work. It directly helps the ranking of your site. Clarity is very important when you talk about description. In description your focus always stays on keywords of the subject. This focus keeps readers always attentive for your text, thus you move ahead towards the achievement of your goal. This process becomes the cause for repeating the more readers. Color background, text font and the combination of all visible things on the front page of your site are also very important for optimization.


An easy URL is also an important part of on page SEO. A longer and an ugly URL keeps you away from search engine traffic. So, make sure your URL should look short and always easy to access.


Strong Words

Strong words like a checklist, actionable, ultimate and fantastic etc. are also the words help you a lot in optimization. Google gives preference and keeps on higher rank those websites that use more strong words.

Time for Opening the link

The time the link takes to be opened is another tool for improving the rank of your site on a search engine. If even you are on a top position on a search engine still your link time for opening matters a lot.  Searchers always give preference to those links open fast.

Google Friendly Background

It has been noticed that Google keeps those sites on a higher rank have the google friendly background. So, while writing contents or especially during development of your site make sure you use google friendly backgrounds on all pages of your site.


It is concluded, an on page SEO has enormous importance for bringing your site on a higher rank. Every page of your site has its own entity in on page optimization. So, every page should be given attention properly. And finally, the points discussed above should be kept in mind throughout the process of on page SEO.


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