Outlook over WordPress website design service of WordPress.com


Outlook over WordPress website design service of WordPress.com

The creation of blogs through WordPress.com is fun as well as there might be some drawbacks, too, regarding the features. Keeping both in mind before getting a WordPress website design service is mandatory for future convenience.

WordPress Website Design

The hosted version of WordPress website design service helps a person to create a blog or website by making a WordPress.com account. The propriety blog hosting service is not directly linked by WordPress.org, which is real WordPress, but it has been explored by the co-founder of WordPress.org.

Webhosting plans:

The hosting plans of WordPress.com vary from the needs of the people. Coming up with five basic ideas, it serves the people as follows:

  • Free
  • Personal
  • Premium
  • Business
  • E-commerce
  • VIP

The price of these plans varies, as if we talk the cheapest one, then it is approximate starts from $48 per year.

The bright side of WordPress.com:

This WordPress website design service is found to have fewer benefits as far as WordPress.org has.

  • The excellent platform for bloggers who want to start blogging as a hobby.
  • There is no need to take care of backups and updates. WordPress.com will do it by itself.
  • WordPress.com is free up to 3GBs! After that, you will need to pay according to the plan you want to have

The dark side of WordPress.com:

WordPress website design service of WordPress.com has a tremendous number of drawbacks, telling the fact that WordPress.com is far better than WordPress.org.

  • The ads are placed on all free platforms, without the opportunity to earn money through it. If the user gets frustrated by watching those free ads and you want to remove them, then you will have to obtain a paid plan that starts from $48.
  • Your site can be deleted any time by WordPress.com as soon as they watch you violating the policy and rules.
  • A person using WordPress.com is not allowed to post their ads on the website. He/she can only apply for ads through WordAds in which the person has to share the revenue with them. Only premium and business plan users can get the WordAds in the right manner.
  • New plugins cannot be uploaded. The people getting free ideas can have built-in plugins only while business plan users have the option to purchase any plugins, usually starting at $300 per year. Only VIP version package users that are too expensive, starting from $3000, have access to get free plugins.
  • It does not offer any facilities to make e-commerce websites.

Custom themes cannot be uploaded for free users as they can only get limited fee theme collection.