The quintessential guide to start podcast with WordPress Website Design


The quintessential guide to start podcast with WordPress Website Design

Podcasting is just a form of blogging with the difference of recording your voice digitally to provide everyone. WordPress Website Design follows the facility to do podcasting easy!

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People in this digital era love listening more than reading. Around 550,000 podcasts are there that show the love of people towards listening. People understand better by hearing, so starting a podcast can never be a bad idea.

What podcasts are?

A simple audio form of content that people download and listen to get information usually based on a number of series or news. Working just like a new radio show, it needs an audio file recorded by you and an RSS feed to target the audience to make them download and listen to the audio.
The most basic formats in which podcasts are recorded might be .mp3, .mp4, .ogg or,.wave.To listen to the podcast, one needs RSS, or he can listen through iTunes. WordPress Website design comes up with RSS, which helps people to listen to podcasts with ease.

Start podcast with WordPress Website Design:

It would help if you did not start podcasting for fun, consider it only when you are mentally prepared to do it sincerely. It needs serious investment of time, knowledge, and willingness.

Find the appropriate topic:

First of all, find out at which thing you are good? What do the people want to listen to? Make a list of all topics then find the best one. If you’re going to do travel, try to improve it through a podcast by giving new experiences and ideas.

Choose the right name:

The name of the podcast should be relevant to the topics. Try to make it short, suitable precise, and memorable. Your podcast name should relate to you in some way.

Episode ideas:

Make sure to get the episode ideas clearly. After choosing the desired niche, make a list of all topics you are going to cover in the coming episodes. From the introduction to tips and tricks to interviews to do’s and dont’s mark every subject to be discussed in the following episodes.


WordPress Website, as well as suitable microphones and headphones, are needed. In the beginning, you can start with a pure android for upgrading purposes.


Publish your podcast after doing all the above tasks. Find the right theme with appropriate plugins to make vlogs. A podcast plugin is one which converts ordinary blog website into real-deal podcast machine, making the work easier
WordPress Website Design also provides the facility to promote the podcast over social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc.
It is no wrong if we say WordPress and podcast go hand in hand as WordPress Website Design comes up with the most suitable plugins to make as well as to promote the podcasts.