User-oriented Course of action to pay for PKNIC domain Price


While purchasing the PKNIC domain, many people get confused about the payment method. So three conventional methods for payments are provided by PKNIC to pay for PKNIC domain price for the convenience of their customers.

PKNIC Domain

PKNIC cards, the instrument for registering or renewing a domain is very much in demand. The purpose of having these cards is to register any domain in Pakistan with .pk cctld. Any educational institute, academy, company, non-profit organization, or business needs to have .pk suffix right after the domain name for a good impression. The simple plastic cards, with a scratch code containing twelve digits, has the power to register or renew any domain like .edu, .net, .org, .com with .pk suffix as well as used to add funds to domain account panel. Any person having the nationality of Pakistan can get the pk domain cctld at lower prices as compared to people living abroad.

Price and usage

The prices of PKNIC cards range in between two thousand and three thousand Pakistani rupees. Many resellers are offering discounted prices too.
To use the cards, you must know the twelve-digit code as well as the PIN provided by PKNIC. If any of them is not available, then it will be unable to load the card.

Methods of payments:

PKNIC has made it easy to pay for PKNIC domain price. By introducing three different ways, they have made it convenient for the users to pay for the card.

Credit card:

If a person does not have money that time or wants to pay online, he can use a credit card promising to spend the whole amount as early as possible shortly.


A person can make a cheque payable to PKNIC by filling the required amount and other details in the cheque.


These are NOT plastic cards, just like mobile prepaid cards. The cards giving us the benefit of paying online has made it easier to make payments of feasible PKNIC domain price online.

The process to renew domain using PKNIC cards:

PKNIC cards serving the purpose of PK domain renewal helps in the following way.

  • Click on payment link of PKNIC prepaid card
  • After that, insert the name of the PK domain you want to renew.
  • Enter card number
  • Insert pin

Click on renew.