Virtual Private Sharing (VPS) Hosting vs Dedicated Hosting

Virtual Private Sharing (VPS) Hosting vs Dedicated Hosting

To cut in short, VPS hosting acts as a bridge between Dedicated and Shared web hosting service.

VPS Hosting:

When talking in terms of hardware usage, VPS hosting is similar to Shared web hosting, as it caters multiple users on the same server but by allocating virtual resources to its clients. On the software side, VPS hosting behaves like a dedicated server by empowering the clients better as compared to the Shared hosting.

Dedicated Hosting:

On a dedicated hosting, you are the only user of the server and share no resources either virtually or physically. You get full power to control and configure the server.


On the security perspective both the VPS hosting and dedicated hosting provide you good levels of protection against threats.
Usually, small to medium scaled businesses prefer using VPS hosting as it offers way cheaper prices when compared to dedicated hosting. These prices can be 10 times cheaper than a low-end dedicated hosting. It’s not only the price that hooks interest but the option to scale-up the resources in future, as well.

Why choose Dedicated hosting when you have VPS that allows scalability as well?

Scalability is definitely a feature in VPS hosting but remember you are not alone on the server. Resources are being allocated to each user virtually. Hence, you have a limitation when scaling up.

If there are no spare resources available on the servers, then obviously one would have to bear the cost to upgrade the hardware by adding modules to it. This addition of modules can be sometimes time consuming and can be only done if the hardware has the capability to add them.

Moreover, in case of a VPS hosting, working of the other websites on the same server have the potential to affect your website’s performance. These factors count on the limitations of a VPS hosting.

There comes a solution then: Dedicated Hosting.

Large-scaled businesses would not want to risk their website performance and security however and would want full autonomy to scale-up whenever, as much as they want and configure their set up without any limitation.

It is on your feasibility and intuition of your business growth that can be the final judge in choosing a VPS or a dedicated hosting.

But wait! There is also a suggestion for you.

It is always suggested that not to sign up a web hosting service once for a long period of time. Reason is, it might cost you much if you are using a dedicated hosting and your business isn’t meeting up your expected profits. And if you have signed up for a VPS hosting for a long period of time and your business has started growing then it can have a negative impact on your business.

We hope you might have got some tips to help yourself out when deciding between a VPS and a dedicated hosting.



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