Web hosting and domain name in SEO

Web hosting and domain name in SEO

As everyone wants their businesses to rise more and more and their SEO to be friendly. Search Engine Optimization really increases the visitor traffic on your particular website helps your business to boost up. Once the ranking of your website increases, it means the more number of people are viewing your web page.

But at the end of the day, SEO is not a magic and not an automated thing. It needs a proper team and lot of hard work. To understand how it works, let us see the features in making the website online.

To make your website online the first thing is domain and second one is web hosting. People usually buy domain. People usually buy domain and also sell them next with profit. So we can say that domain is basically the real estate of internet.

Domain form the foundation of your website. So, you need to be very careful while buying a domain. And the second and most import thing is web hosting that keeps your website alive on the internet for others to look at.


Here are some factors that are involved in keeping your website SEO friendly

  • Relevance: You domain name must match the main idea of your website means the purpose of your particular website. SEO specialists mostly prefer to purchase an exact matched domains and that should be match with the keyword entered by the internet users on their search engines. It enhances the traffic of your web page.
  • Length: You need to set the length of your domain not too long, the more shorter and concise, better. Please select the domain name which should be relevant to your website stance.
  • Easy to remember: Take the domain name for your website which shouldn’t take too long for your customers and other end user to recall.
  • TLDs: Some new TLDs were introduce to the web owners to specify the functionality of their websites like .tv is about any sitcom or television shows available on the internet for the internet users. So, they basically specify the purpose and functionality of the particular website.

But new TLDs does not always influence positive SEO because the Google is different. If you set a domain for your website like, www.fitness.gym and if the search includes fitness gyms or gyms for fitness will lead you a good results and will obviously increase your website SEO ranking.

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