What’s the truth in myths about Web Hosting? True or debunked?


What’s the truth in myths about Web Hosting? True or debunked?

Individuals setting out to start the journey of presenting their business online get to have many recommendations for hosting. Not only this, but they also get to hear many myths about Web Hosting that eventually engenders many confusions and sometimes leads to wrong choices. Let’s dig if there is any truth inside these myths.

Cheap Hosting is not admirable (typically Poor Quality)

The first one in the myths about Web Hosting is that wherever any host provides cheap Hosting or offering one with low-cost will be low class. It is not true as many companies offer reliable Web Hosting plans and services at a reasonable price. Moreover, it can also be possible that Hosting’s expensive deals are providing low-quality features and services.
However, in some cases, this myth turns out to be accurate as many hosts so just to get customers and clients start using the word ‘cheap’ but provide lousy services. It turns out to be the part of the buyers to scrutinize before finalizing to sign up with the host.

Free Web Hosting saves money.

Another one is that money can be saved when you signed with a Web Hosting Company providing free Web Hosting Services. However, it is actually the opposite scenario as most of the time; those people have to bear adverse effects and shortcomings regarding the server and the website. Like the lousy customer support, increased downtime, advertisement posting by the host on the website, etc.

All Web Hosting agencies are alike.

Myths about Web Hosting also include that all Website Hosting providers are the same. But it is not like that, and the services and features provided by the host can be different. For instance, server performance and reliability, management, bandwidth, website speed and uptime, backup, allowed domains, technical and customer support. So it is not viable to go with any Web Hosting Agency without looking out for the reputation and provided services.

Server speed does not have any effect on website speed.

This is an utterly discredited myth as server and website are unmediated-related. Website speed is dependent on server speed that how fast the server process the users’ request. Individuals prefer to visit websites that load more quickly. But if the website is slow, then the unique info and images and attractive Web Design cannot provide any benefits to the website.

The need for website security varies with the business scale.

Security builds the credibility of the business among individuals. One more myth in the myths about Web Hosting states that website security is necessary only for large businesses. Also, small scale online businesses should not be getting worried about it. However, the reality is that any online company of any scale can be hacked, cyberattacked, and face data breaches. So keeping track of safety is imperative.