Why documentation for website development?


Why documentation for website development?


Just like you get a small booklet of manual with each new appliance. Same is the case with website development. Well, in case of web development we call it documentation. Documentation helps to understand how the code works. Documentation is nothing like writing the code that developers love to do. Instead it means to write the code which is understandable by everyone. In short documentation for website development is important.


It helps the user, the fellow developers of your website development company and above all it helps you with your own initiative, Swift use in website Development Company is trending

In short, documentation addresses the how to question in the most understandable way. It is always a good practice to use easy to understand language rather than using jargons and technical terms. To name some of the best documentations, I would name Bootstrap and WordPress.

Let’s dig some deeper into the perks of documentation for front end & Backend web developers.

It is good for other developers.

Coding, for every website developer is different. It varies depending upon the style of every developer. Further, it is necessary to share the codes with the team for bigger projects which calls for everyone to be on the same page. Addressing the technical procedures, it also helps you to train the newcomer developers on the same pattern.

Documentation for website development will help you.

Now the question is how your documentation will benefit you. Due to ever increasing security breaches you might have to revisit your codes after some months. That’s the time when you will repent on not documenting your codes well before. So, if you document your code properly you can go through the code efficiently and easily.

Tips to good documentation

Here are some handy tips to help you with documentation.

  1. The first rule of thumb is you never assume. It means you write with a user’s perspective rather than a developer’s perspective.
  2. Ensure the use of standard expected language in your documentation for website development. Describe variables, functions and values returned by functions.
  3. Graphical elements are better than text.
  4. Keep a comprehensible layout. Make sections. Keep it straightforward and short.

Hence, not only you can save time but your website development company may also save resources.