Why managed hosting



Firstly, don’t let the word hardware and software let scare you off. Most of the host providers serve as a managed hosting services. It basically takes care of hardware and leaving you to manage the software yourself.
They maintain updates, will manage bug fixes and repairs to the server and operating system so you can focus on content management and blogs for your webpage.
Web hosting is especially helpful for dedicated servers customers and VPS users who not ready for such things and don’t have either knowledge to manage their systems themselves.


VPS hosting gives you bit more control to customize your server but doesn’t allow to have total control. In this case the managed hosting is actually the good option. Yes, you can throw the huge party and to make sure that your neighbor do not complain and have been monitored perfectly, this is what VPS hosting actually does.
Hence for this purpose, VPS hosting providers quickly alerts you and provides you the recommendations on the best way to scale. Alternatively, the host will be able let you know if your web page property is ready to jump up to a dedicated server.

The services may vary among hosting companies. Some companies offer managed hosting onto their existing clouds, VPS or dedicated hosting packages while others may include managed services in an hourly rates.
The services in managed hosting provider boil down to what you want the hosting provider to managed and administrate for your particular webpage


Semi-managed hosting

Semi-managed hosting are okay for the web owners who are satisfied with the web hosting company’s infrastructure and circumstances but would elect to handle the server by their own.

Fully-managed hosting

Fully-managed hosting are best for those who have no technical knowledge or have limited knowledge so they can use the full services provided by the hosting company and can focus on the growth of their businesses.

When your website visitor family is growing fast and you need more server space then it’s the time to move from shared hosting to VPS, cloud or toward a dedicated host.
Some hosts share managed share hosting but beware that shares hosting inherently managed. So. Don’t get fool and don’t pay extra to the hosting company. Don’t let a company charge you more for the same cPanel access, one-click WordPress installation and 24/7 support that you can find included in most other shared hosting packages.