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Cheap .Com Domain

Instant .com Domain Name
Registrations to Lead the

.com domain

NavicoSoft partners with all the major domain accreditation authorities to make the domain registration process easy for you. We know that a .com domain is your business’s online identity. The first thing that people see about your digital existence is your web address and domain name. When you get .com domain registration from us, stay assured that you are in safe hands. We guarantee to take the hard work off your hands with a wide range of services from cheap domain registration to website designing, search engine optimization, and search engine marketing.

The Fastest .com
Domain Registrations

are now at Your Pace!

With over 500,000 clients for .com domain registration, we know how to manage your stuff. Most people trust us being one of the largest cheap domain registrars worldwide. The right domain can set you up for the future. Therefore we focus on finding the best .com domain name to build your online presence and mark your website alive. With our fully transparent domain registration process, enjoy:

.com domain

Instant Domain

.com domain


.com domain


.com domain

No Hidden

.com domain

Easy Domain

.com domain

Why Choose The
.com Domain Name for
Your Business?

Researches show that around 3.8 million people assume that your website must end with the .com domain. So the most straightforward reason to buy .com domain registration is the perception of the majority of people. Secondly, today half of the websites on the internet end at the .com domain name. Finally, having a .com domain increases the credibility and reliability of your business. As a business owner, reliability is the key to being successful. Customers only spend the money on your business if they are satisfied and have trust in your name.

Enjoy The Free Features
with .com Domain Registration

.com domain


The domain locks will prevent any accidental or unintentional transfers of your domain to any unauthorized person.

.com domain


Enjoy the management of domain
name servers from your dedicated
domain panel, and manage your
domain accordingly.

.com domain


Monitor the current status of your
domains from your centralized panel.
Get instant alerts, and manage the
changes thoroughly.

.com domain

Change of
Registration details

Get your domain name registration
details changed or transfer them to
anyone at any time in a secure manner.

.com domain


We offer an instant yet easy way to
transfer your domain to us.Just get
us the EPP code, and let us transfer
the domain for you.

.com domain


Enjoy instant support for your .com domain names. The moment you face any technical issue, just let our team handle it on its own.

Get .com Domain Registration
With The Simplest Process

We provide a simple registration process for your website’s domain. Just choose a domain name, and enter it in our domain availability checker search box. If the domain is available, log in to your client area and place your order. Or the other way round, contact our support team to place an order and get you the instant activations. You can contact us via phone call, email, or live chat to buy cheap domain or to get it activated.

Why Choose
NavicoSoft for .com Domain
Name Registration?

  • We provide a cheap com domain registration certificate for each
    domain registered with us.
  • We understand your busy routine, so we give timely
    reminders of renewal.
  • Our smart domain experts are here to resolve
    technical queries instantly
  • We are a credible .com domain registrar to give
    credibility to your website.
  • We offer fully transparent payment procedures
    with no extra hidden charges.
.com domain


How long does the .com domain registration process take?

The domain registration process is carried out instantly in most cases, and we make sure to send you the confirmation email as well. However, sometimes there gets some delay. It can be due to various unknown reasons. One of them is the DNS updates. Domain name servers can take up to 48 hours for propagation. Once it is completed, the domain, website, and services will get available to be accessed.

Can I register a domain name from NavicoSoft, and host it somewhere else?

Yes, you can. We put no limitations on registering domains. So you can get a domain from us and hosting from somewhere else. Though we provide a free domain name with our hosting packages, we can provide you with only the domain name as per your requirements. So you can get a domain from us and update the nameservers in the domain panel to link with the hosting.

For how long can I register a .com domain name?

.com domain names are registered for a minimum of one year. So if you are going to buy a cheap .com domain, consider having it for at least one year. Furthermore, the maximum limit a domain can be registered at a time is ten years. Hence we can say that a .com domain can be registered for a minimum of one year and a maximum of ten years.

Which payment options are available?

Right now, we are providing various options to make payments. You can buy a cheap .com domain name from us by making payment through the following methods:

  • Via BTC
  • Via Credit Card
  • Via Bank Transfer
  • Via Paypal

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