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.Org Domain


The internet needs you. Find your domain name today.

Register your .org domain as low as $17.97/year

If you’re an individual looking to make a difference in your community and want to spread the word, a .ORG domain can help communicate your message.

What is .Org Domain Name?

Since its inception in 1985, .org has empowered and mobilized over 10 million websites, serving as a reliable online venue for organisations, companies, clubs, and individuals to communicate with their core audiences about a shared interest, passion or cause.

For Your Nonprofit

Your organisation inspires people to make a difference, but getting the word out isn’t always easy. That’s why the .org domain has been a haven for nonprofits and do-good organisations for decades. It has helped reshape the online world by advancing causes, creating opportunities, and making our communities more open and collaborative.

tariqjamil.org and WWF.org are just a few examples of nonprofit organisations that have grown tremendously by creating campaigns that point to a .org address. With their .org domains, these organisations instill trust and credibility, and they inspire their communities to make a difference every day.

We are truly humbled by your passion and dedication to carry out your own cause or mission, and we look forward to witnessing it all happen on your .org.

For Your Community

esearch from Harris Interactive shows that the average adult Internet user now spends about 13 hours a week online, with roughly 22.7% of their time on Facebook, Twitter and other social media. The rise in social media has undoubtedly contributed to an increase in online engagement; however, studies show that when users are looking for immediate information about a company, individual, or cause that affects their community, the website is still the preferred go-to destination. So what kind of information can a .org website provide? The opportunities are endless. .org is the domain of choice for a wide range of community organisation categories, including arts and culture, sports and recreation, health and medical, education and religion, and much more.

For Your Business

In an age where corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs and crisis management planning are on the rise and more transparent, .org stands as the natural domain of choice for businesses – both large and small – to highlight their philanthropic endeavors, strengthen their customer relationships in times of crisis and calm, and to illustrate their commitment to encouraging and making a positive societal impact to their current and potential stakeholders.

For Your World

The content of a .org website can appear in any language, but domain names have generally been limited to the characters used in English. .org domain names are available in a variety of character sets, so that characters like á, ç, è, ñ, and ö can be part of your .org domain name.

Why .ORG Domain Through Navicosoft?

When Purchasing a domain name, you need to make sure that you own your domain name and you are provided with full domain ownership by domain registration panel. Navicosoft provides you with full .ORG Domain Control panel and the price offered by Navicosoft is the cheapest in the market with our best state of the art 24/7 support for our customers. You can also become a .ORG Domain Reseller by getting domain names from us in low costs.

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.org domain
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byRoma Butt on.org domain

Navicosoft provides .org domain at a very reasonable price !! i suggest to go for it

bySobia Abbas on.org domain

This is a most useful domain.. Most of the websites are running on this.org domain!!!

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