Varnish Optimized Servers for the highest
efficiency of dynamic websites.

Caching objective

There are ways to get rid of slow loading website. But not all perform the way you want or are up to the mark. The developing world has come up with an innovative solution of caching that caches or instead “catches” your most wanted website content. Websites today often come up with a combination of dynamic and static content. Whilst dynamic content has to be resolved and brought up from the server level, your static content doesn’t need to be called from the server’s root again and again. This time-intensive operation can be resolved with the help of a cache that stores up your most demanded content on a separate package and responds to user requests in milliseconds.

Varnish Cache Installed for your 10X Faster Web Hosting

Varnish Cache is the best and most popular amongst hosting community with a reason that it can operate how a user wants. User is able to customize varnish cache configuration to match the content requirement of his website. When configured properly, a Varnish cache can boost site loading speeds ranging from 10X to 400X depending upon how trickily you adjust content delivery.

Your network speed is the only limitation

As an open source software, Varnish cache delivers extraordinary advantages of performance due to its Architecture. This performance is unbelievably fast that it’s often limited by the network speeds available to the server. You may imagine what exactly a performance would be that is 1000 times faster. Due to its intermediary action for its connected serves, Varnish Cache is also known as a reverse proxy.

Varnish makes you efficiently use memory resources because it caches only the most accessed content.

Fully managed varnish hosting server features


Varnish Managed Server

You can get a fully managed varnish server with VCL programming support


Auto Purge

Varnish plugin enables you to auto-detect changes and reset varnish cache



Varnish Hosting comes with support of CMS and WHM cPanel plugins to effortlessly manage performance



Support team will help you out with issues in programming VCL scripts


Turbo Performance

Your website response time will amaze you with statistics


Dynamic + Static Content

Varnish server will response for static as well as dynamic content

Varnish Optimized VPS Server

Our Virtual Private Server comes with the option to equip it with a Varnish Cache to simply transform your website into lighting fast machine which will respond to web requests in mere milliseconds. Your VPS Server with Varnish Cache is the best option for customers having substantial business hosting requirements e.g. industries with a large number of online customers, universities with international students or every corporate unit with heavy web traffic spread all-over the world. This Varnish optimized VPS server will give you a better performance than CDNs for your large size content delivery decreasing your site loading speed exponentially.

Optimized Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Servers are the utmost requirement for most large tech-dependant businesses. Your dedicated server can feature Varnish hosting to shift your server to a whole new level. When you need to make sure all resources of a server are going to serve your web applications, there’s the option to get a dedicated server. Your Varnish Dedicated server is given a dedicated IP. You get 100% control over server’s hardware. You have the ability to restart it whenever you want and fully customize whatever runs on it. Most VPS servers don’t give you this access that’s why a dedicated server is a favourite option for professional organisations.

Varnish gives the Dedicated server an astonishing speed boost which gives your business a positive impact.

Case studies with varnish

Al-Fatah Electronics (Pvt) Ltd. Is one of the top e-commerce websites in Pakistan providing over 2000 home appliances, over 100,000 satisfies customers, great quality and a fast delivery. Not only is its delivery fast. This e-store manages to run a website which load in a blink of an eye – merely 200ms for a complete load to be specific. This loading time was around 15 seconds before they opted to install Varnish on their webs server. Their e-commerce store has grown a big reputation in customers as well as in Google Bots.

One of the few suppliers in the market for skin disorder repairing products, Vitiligo Organics has a huge traffic hits all around the world and needs sufficient resources to fulfil their web server requirements. After the need to optimize their website for faster loading, they chose to get Varnish on their web server. The page loading speed drastically reduced from several seconds to only 160ms. Varnish has helped them to reduce page load time as well as to eliminate customer frustration.