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7 Successful Examples of Python in Web Development

Oct 26,2021

Python provides basic features; therefore, it is one of the most popular choices for web development. The most prominent reason is that Python is open-source, free, and extensively available. More significantly, it is highly flexible. Python in web development provides developers with an opportunity to create sites according to different programming paradigms. For example, it is apt for object-oriented programming as well as functional programming.

It also increases the dynamic typing abilities. Therefore it means that Python scripts do not need any compiling before their execution. Instead, it is executed at the runtime. Therefore, it is suitable for web development since it uses minimal coding and makes debugging convenient.

Python in web development is declared number two on the list of most famous programming languages. It is definitely on number one for a good reason. This is the reason why JavaScript and Python are used together. For example, web developers might use JavaScript to build a presentation layer and Python to use Python for the backend by creating a server-side layer.

Python in Web Development
Python in Web Development

However, backend coding uses Python, which is a web framework easily available on PyPI. Two of them are Django and Flask. It is particularly very popular, and you can not remove it from the backend coding. Such libraries are extensively accepted as scalable, secure, and you can use Python in web development as the straightforward syntax for easy use.

Do You Need Python Hosting?

If you are using Python in web development, then you definitely need a Python hosting provider. Make sure you find a trusted online web host with the most reasonable approach to protect your identity. Explore the most suitable solutions for your business; whether you have a startup or you are an entrepreneur with just a small venture, you would still need offshore Python hosting to continue your journey with complete privacy.
You can get a Django hosting or Python Hosting with a pre-installed framework of Django Python. It will utilize fully optimized hosting for best performance. Make sure that they also provide you with
a full range of apps suitable for all Django python developers, which also includes module installation and performance monitoring.

Examples of Python in web development

Is Python tremendously popular? The answer is an unquestionable yes! From watching your latest series on Netflix to scrolling your Instagram, many of our favorite websites and applications use Python in their tech stack. Let us look at seven successful examples of Python in web development to demonstrate how dynamic and adaptive Python language is.


Netflix is a company widely famous for keeping up with the pace of digital change. It has digitally provided a popular streaming service to the world. From the web development point of view, Python is the key to their success. Developers who use Netflix claim that Python provides a throughout “full content lifecycle.” Therefore, Python websites form the base for Netflix apps by forming a security tools and recommendation engines.


The virtual pinboard and bookmarking website Pinterest has become immensely popular for more than a decade. It enables all the users to create a picture collection for almost and everything. Pinterest was also primarily built with Python because it is the best language that developers know. In addition, it is a more pragmatic approach since the former Pinterest Chief Technology Officer said that Pinterest uses several programming languages, depending on its usage. However, Python is still a core part of their technology stack.


You no longer have to purchase CDs for your computer DVD drive. All thanks to Spotify that has made everything very easier, and you can listen to music whenever you want to. Spotify makes use of Python specifically for web backend, which includes numerous interconnected services, and around 80% of them are coded using Python.


It was first introduced in 2008. It is one of the cutting edges of the sector, and its success depends on Python. Dropbox has used Python since its inception, makes use of both server-side as well as client end. The language forms cross-platform support, which helps in the readability and leads Dropbox to adopt it as a language since it enables them to apply, test and deploy such latest product features at high speed.


Amazon can deliver anything delivered at your doorsteps with just one click of a button. But you need to know that Amazon uses Python too. Particularly, Amazon engineers produce Python machine learning algorithms that they successfully use to interact with its Hadoop data storage system. These analytics stack Amazon’s famed endorsement engine to encourage it to purchase the latest products.


It is one of the world’s most popular social networking websites. It keeps you connected to your friends. Since it uses various languages for the products and services, Python plays a major role in accounting for more than 21 percent of the codebase. It is mostly essential in the area of production engineering.


It is the best forum for news to social commentary. Its server-side is coded with Python. Whenever you send a request using the browser to Reddit, the web server uses Python to translate your request.

Make sure to get Incomparable Python Hosting!

Explore all the Python hosting available in the market and get the best and most secure one for yourself. Make sure that the framework is flexible enough for the developers to handle it in a hassle-free manner. You need to approach one of the leading Python hosting agencies, offering the developers a friendly platform for your website development in a short time. Moreover, you need to make sure that they provide you with hosting desirable services. Also, they need to keep your presence alive at all times with the latest technological innovations.

If you are a startup, the best approach would be to opt for an affordable approach towards Python Hosting. Make sure your Python hosting company provides you hosting with preeminent features so that those hosting features can ultimately settle your online presence.


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