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How to transfer a Domain Name? | Easy Way Out

Jun 14,2021

How to transfer a Domain Name? | Easy Way Out

Some people decide to shift the domain alongside their websites to a new host. Others want to transfer a domain name when found cheap or better packages to walk with.

Thus, domain transfer is a common thing yet seems complicated to many of the domain owners. Let us tell you it is not that arduous; however, it takes time to complete the shifting process.

We are going to list all the events in a simple way (step-by-step) and make it effortless for you.


However, before starting with this post, there are two things about the transfer, and you should not mix them.

  • One is to transfer your domain to a new registrar
  • And other is to transfer the domain ownership to another person (registrant).

This post will deal with the first transfer process – migrating to a registrar.

In this relocation, again, there are two mechanisms

  • The first is to leave the old domain registrar.
  • While second is the transfer process itself.

Emigrating from the old registrar

You should not have recently transferred that domain!

The domains created or transferred in the last 60 days cannot proceed with the transfer. Therefore, you need to be sure that the domain you are looking to shift should not be falling in 60 days category.

If it does not, please follow the listed process for domain transfer.

Is your contact info up to the minute?

If not, update it. To do so, you have to log in to the domain control panel of the current registrar. The motive behind this is both your old and new registrar will have to contact you. If the info isn’t sufficient or they can’t reach you, it will break the workflow.

Do you have a Secondary Email Address?

Having an additional in-use email address is necessary as you probably can lose access to email services during the transfer process. Therefore, it is better to establish a secondary email to regulate the essential communication.

Also, update the contact email like above to provide the recent contact info.

Unlock your Domain

Each domain has a lock that signifies that that domain is associated with a particular service provider. Besides, it serves to prevent unauthorized transfers.

Your domain must have it too. Thus, you must need to demount the lock. However, how to unlock it typically varies with the current registrar. Either you can manually unlock it via the domain control panel or ask the registrar to unlock it for you.

You need an Authorization Code.

When you set up the request to demount the domain lock, you need an authorization code afterward. In particular, in between the five days after the request. Remember this is necessary to keep going with the domain transfer process.

As we mentioned above, the process somehow depends on the current registrar. Thus, it might be possible that when you manually work with the domain control panel, your registrar will allow you to generate the code. Or the registrar will send you via email.

Until here, you are good with leaving the old registrar. Now let move forward to the subsequent process.

Contact the New Registrar

First, you need to approach the new registrar (to which you wish to settle) to begin the domain relocation process. You might be looking for a free or cheap domain transfer. So, you can also visit its support pages and transfer page; you will surely understand what the process is like and other necessary information.

If needed, you can create an account or contact the support staff to help you out.


Enter the Needful Data

When you land on the right page, enter the relevant information.

  • Enter the particular domain name (you want to transfer).
  • Enter the exact authorization code (you received from the old registrar) to let it work properly.

Confirm the Transfer

Meanwhile, you get an email or call asking to verify the transfer process by your old registrar. If you consent, then agree with all the terms of the new registrar.

(Remember? We told you to list the recent email and contact info!)

Pay the Transfer Fee

Last what you should do is to pay the required payment.

Some registrars charge the payment for the transfer. On the contrary, some proceed with the domain name transfer for free. However, they charge for the domain renewal (beforehand) for an additional year.

In short, you have to pay the said fee.

Now, you are done with the process and have to wait for some days to complete and register. It is because the transfer has to go into effect worldwide. More specifically, some registrars take less than or equal to one day and for some a couple of days.

Finally, your new registrar will send you an email about the successful completion of the domain transfer process.

Call off the old service.

Only if after the successful completion, you should cancel the previous services. If you are still in the transfer process, you should never do that. Otherwise, your website will face downtimes until completion.


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