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IS manage WordPress hosting worth using?

IS manage WordPress hosting worth using?

In this article, we will have a look on how managed WordPress hosting is worth using and what are the silent features


Do you know how deep the need of speed is?
The biggest attraction of popularity of manages WordPress hosting is, it promises to increase the speed. Host companies offer dedicated servers for your WordPress based sites it means you will be the only owner and you will not be sharing server space with any other customer.
Host also offer advanced features like security, plugins and custom installation etc.
With all the features keeping in mind, it is important to see if speed is really important for your WordPress sites. WordPress has already good speed and how much do you need more? What is fast enough?
With improved bandwidth and LTE mobile connection, websites enjoy fast loading time. There are other standard steps can be taken by host providers to improve your speed like caching static files make daily updates to WordPress and plugin installation.



What should be the most secured?
There could be lot of threats that can bring your WordPress site down. From spam attacks to viruses and malware, you need to make sure that your site is secured all the way. One of the popular attraction of managed WordPress hosting is its security. Host providers promise high level of security that is difficult to manage by your own.
Managed WordPress hosting features include regular on the server level in order to keep malware and other viruses away from site. Hosts may offer some additional security features and they will vary on how qualify hosts you are going with.
There are some drawbacks of this approach, like taking scans of the website on daily bases is good in order to protect your website from harmful attacks. But managed WordPress hosting is a fully managed hosting plan in which you are not allowed to make amendments on the server site. Because hosts take full responsibility to manage your site all the board.
So security of managed WordPress hosting worth the cost? If you are really concerned and conscious about viruses and vulnerabilities, you will not have better protection managed WordPress hosting. Just go for it. But if you want to make some changes on your site by your own, then go for another hosting plan like shared, dedicated etc.

Promise of full support

Managed WordPress hosting providers promise a complete support tools and features.
When you are using WordPress site, you need to keep lot of things in your mind. As WordPress has large amount of users community and right now there are more than 30% of the websites are WordPress based. The more user community the more chances to ask for help. It means the more support you need in order to work on platform smoothly.
There is a huge support team available form WordPress itself but when you opt for managed WordPress hosting, you host will take the whole responsibility to manage your site throughout the way. They will make sure that you do not face any problem either it is security related, Operating system related, database relates or any other issue. They provide you complete support of 24/7.
So these all features make managed WordPress hosting worth using.