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Buy pre-eminent PKNIC prepaid cards at modest prices

Buy pre-eminent PKNIC prepaid cards at modest prices

                              PKNIC prepaid cards come in the form of plastic cards and are used to register .pk domain as well as to renew it. You can register a top-level, second-level, or third-level domain through this card.

What are PKNIC prepaid cards?

A single plastic card coming up with a scratch code having 10 to 12 digits is worn to register or renew a ccTLD with a terminal date of 2 years. The card having the authority to purchase a new domain can be used to renew any extension with .pk ccTLD. Like .com.pk, .org.pk, .net.pk and many more. It not only registers and renews the top-level domain but also second-level domain and third-level domains. Like edu.pk, govt.pk, and job.pk


Purpose of PKNIC Cards

These cards serve like mobile phone cards with ten to twelve digits used to add credit in your domain just the way we add credit in our cell phones through mobile cards.


PKNIC Prepaid cards provider

In Pakistan, PKNIC is the primary domain registry. All the terms and policies made to manage and control the extensions are formed under it. Having all the rights to register a domain or renew the old one, an authorized reseller can only do it.

Process of using PKNIC prepaid cards

This card is only entitled to be used with .pk domains. And extensions including .org.pk,.aca.pk.
After purchasing this card from a well-reputed authorized reseller, the Next step is the utilization of the card. For the renewal purpose, follow the following steps:

  • Click on the prepaid card link.
  • A page will appear, Insert the .pk domain name you want to renew.
  • Insert the PKNIC card number that your reseller provided you at the time of purchase.
  • Insert the PIN code
  • There will be a button “Renew this domain.”Click the button

Your domain will be renewed.
In case if you do not want to use it at that time and want to save for later, then act according to the given steps:

  • Create an account at PKNIC
  • Login to the account you created recently
  • After logging in, you will find a dashboard. Hover on domain credits and then click on “by prepaid card.”
  • Then on the next page, insert the card number by breaking the line
  • Then add the PIN that you got with the card
  • Click on “add to my balance button.”



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