Reasons why people choose WordPress hosting| benefits of WordPress hosting


WordPress Hosting

WordPress in simple words is basically a publishing platform use for blogs and websites. It gives you a unique interface powering millions of websites around the world.
Every website either small or large, it needs a good content management system. When designing a website you want best digital publishing platform and there are a lot of platforms available but WordPress still ranks as the top one.
A study indicated that 30% of the websites are WordPress based which is such a vast user community. Hence these are the reasons which make WordPress and WordPress hosting reliable.


Benefits of WordPress hosting

Around for so many years

WordPress was launched in 2003 when no one had an idea regarding CMS and blogging site. So, it was the new platform which later on became the best go=to platform for everyone from non-techy to programmer to experts.
Right now there thirty percent of the websites are WordPress based and it has more than sixty percent of the Content Management System shares.


Open Source CMS

Open source does not mean that it has weak security although it only mean that WordPress building code is free and can be accessed by all users. In fact, by using WordPress, you have taken the first step towards improving security for your website.
You can anytime download the WordPress code whenever it’s needed. It is important to keep in mind that WordPress team does not accept all the changes. You need to update to the new version in order to get changes accepted.


Search engine friendly

It is almost every site’s owner dream to rank on the top of the search engine. WordPress is designed to be SEO friendly since you can download WordPress anytime to enhance this function and can boost up your site traffic.


Easy customization

No one would want to stuck in cookie-cutter site and by using WordPress, you will not be. WordPress theme system allows you to download and change the theme anytime you want. All you will have to do is to buy a one-time license for a premium theme.

Community support

Well there are vast plugins and customization options available but still you will somehow need some help at some point. Them more vast user community means more queries. Another good thing about WordPress is it has provided vast community support for its users.

Plugins and themes

WordPress has a wide range of functionality and plugins which are available free and paid. You need to be smart enough to select the best theme for your website according to your website purpose so it can attract visitors.

A simple host

WordPress can easily be set up on any web host since it posers almost 60% of the entire web. Most of its hosting plans include single-click installation of CMS and pre installation. It shows that customers have full freedom to decide where to host your website. You can easily find the cheapest and best hosting providers for your site.


Since WordPress and WordPress hosting has become the largest website and blogging building platform so it is important to protect your data from hackers and spam attacks. Here Question rise that does wordprerss work on WordPress hosting.
Make sure to invest into a secured theme and always prefer utilizing the backup service or backup security plugin. They are free and paid but make sure to read all the reviews and considerations before you install one.