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Dedicated Server Mexico Prices and Plans

Mexico D1

$534.51/ mo*
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  • Region: North America
  • Country: Mexico
  • Processor: Intel Core i3 / Core 2 Duo + 4 MB Cache
  • Speed: 3.06 GHz
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Hard Drive: 1 TB
  • Bandwidth: Unlimited
  • Max IPs: 1
  • Uplink: 10 Mbps

Mexico D2

$718.59/ mo*
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  • Region: North America
  • Country: Mexico
  • Processor: Intel Single Xeon E3110 + L2 cache 6MB
  • Speed: 3.0 GHz
  • RAM: 6 GB
  • Hard Drive: 1 TB
  • Bandwidth: Unlimited
  • Max IPs: 1
  • Uplink: 10 Mbps

Mexico D3

$897.6/ mo*
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  • Region: North America
  • Country: Mexico
  • Processor: Intel Core2Quad Yorkfield 12Mb L2 Cache
  • Speed: 2.83 GHz
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • Hard Drive: 1 TB
  • Bandwidth: Unlimited
  • Max IPs: 1
  • Uplink: 10 Mbps

Secure & Fast Dedicated server Mexico with Extra Speed & Unlimited Bandwidth

Navicosoft brings the best-customized plans for the best-dedicated server mexico. If you are going to launch an application, no matter if it is a small application or any enterprise-level app, we know how to cover your needs while providing a fast dedicated server mexico. Further, you can now avail the highest level of security, privacy, and maximum resources allocation with plans for a cheap dedicated server in Mexico. When you buy a dedicated server from us, we are bound to provide you with a fully isolated server just for the sake of providing you with the complete authority of customizing it while making no disturbance to any other users. As your Mexican dedicated server provider, we have been thriving since 2008 with the best customer loyalty & support program. Our experts are all the time present to optimize the server performance while mitigating the security issues.

Fast Dedicated server mexico With Extreme Scalability

Our powerful Our bare metal dedicated servers in Mexico city provide a protected & highly performing
platform to host your sites. The fast dedicated servers are monitored for data security and all-time availability.
We keep a check on each port for network errors, bandwidth, and any other issues.

Our cloud dedicated server support team is up 24/7 to provide friendly customer support. Now, you never have to suffer with
the technical issues regarding a low-cost dedicated server with SSD because our powerful SSH dedicated server
with cPanel comes with robust features besides full-time support.

  • Low latency
  • Optimized Google Ranking
  • Server Maintenance

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The Absolutely Unique Features of Our Pro-Active & Fast Dedicated Server Mexico


Our cheapest bare metal server in Mexico comes with a sitelock to protect your website against any type of malware attacks. The spam protection powered by Google filters all the unwanted and harmful content and prevents them from coming to the inbox.

Unlimited Traffic

Our DDOS PROTECTED DEDICATED SERVER comes with unlimited traffic & data bandwidth to absorb abnormal traffic spikes. We know that traffic volume on a business site can vary from time to time. Therefore, keeping you on the safer side, we provide unlimited bandwidth.


We know the importance of online business existence. Therefore, we promise up to 99.99% of guaranteed uptime. Also, our expert support team is always up to provide you with instant customer support along with all the essential guidance.

Managed Dedicated Servers

Our server comes with managed services. It means you don’t have to worry if you have zero technical knowledge as our experts of a low-cost dedicated server are there to provide you with full-time support.

Improved Control Panel

You can now manage your website resources, including emails, domain, and fps, via the improved control panel. Also, you can choose managed dedicated server plan if you are already aware of the technical aspects of bare metal service in Mexico.

Fast Dedicated server mexico Via The Best Dedicated Server Providers

It’s the time to let the world know about your thriving online business
availability. As a dedicated server provider, we provide highly functional bare metal
server hosting in Mexico to make sure that all of your commercial & business website
needs are fulfilled. In addition, we keep your sites running with peak performance by
providing storage & processing power.

Make The Right Choice Between Managed & Unmanaged Fast Dedicated server mexico The actual question

Choosing between managed & unmanaged dedicated server windows hosting is not something too complex. Most of the customers buy managed service plan as they don’t have any expert technical knowledge. We manage their server on their behalf and make whatever changes & modifications are required. But if you want more flexibility & management at your end, you can have a semi-managed server. Our team will manage the OS and the basic server configuration in such a case. The rest will be done at your end.

Why Navicosoft For Fast Dedicated Server Hosting in Mexico?

  • Our fast dedicated server mexico comes with maximum uptime and minimum downtime with dedicated data centers.
  • You can manage your server the way you want. We provide complete control & flexibility to you to manage your server.
  • We provide guaranteed network uptime. We know the significance of always being online for a business. So we ensure that your site is always up & running.
  • You can choose either a full or semi-dedicated server according to your needs & budget. You can also upgrade your plan anytime.
  • You can choose your operating system according to your choices. We provide both Linux dedicated servers & windows dedicated server.

Your Questions, Our Answers

Why do we need dedicated server hosting?

If you have a business site that is loading slowly due to some reasons and need more speed & dedicated resources, then dedicated server plans are a good choice. A dedicated server comes with dedicated resources, so you don’t have to share it with anyone. It helps keep the site running more smoothly with abundant resources.

Is there any difference between VPS & Dedicated servers?

Most expedient VPS hosting in Mexico is a type of server that mimics the resources of a dedicated server. It splits different sites & hosting accounts onto a server. At the same time, a dedicated server is specifically dedicated to you. You don’t have to share the resources with anyone, and you can manage & make changes according to you.

How can I pay for a cheap dedicated server Mexico?

Well, we offer a variety of options to make payment for webhosting dedicated server. You can buy a dedicated server online from Navicosoft with the easiest & secure payment gateways for example we provide easy cryptocurrency payment. Now you can also secure your payment by purchasing dedicated server mexico with bitcoin .We care about your ease more than anything. Therefore, we are accepting the following payment options:

  • Bank transfer
  • Credit Card/Debit Card
  • BTC/Altcoin
  • PayPal
  • Skrill

Is it better to go with a shared hosting environment or a dedicated one?

It depends on your needs. Both hosting environments hold your data on a secured server. But in a shared server, each server is shared with many people. In the case of a dedicated server, each site is hosted on a single server making it more secure & resource-packed. If your site does not need abundant resources, then a shared environment is good; otherwise, you should go with a dedicated server.

How can I get a custom plan for a dedicated server for game hosting? We put all the

We put all the plans for you on our website so that you can choose one according to your needs. Still, if you think you need some customization of features, you can contact our support team anytime to get your features modified . We care about your hosting needs. Therefore, we bring the best-customized resources to tailor your hosting needs.

What are the most important benefits of a dedicated server environment?

When you get a dedicated server, you get dedicated resources customized according to you. In addition, a website with traffic spikes can choose a dedicated server to have better performance & speed. As no resources are shared with any other client, dedicated servers are fully secured & virus free.