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Plesk Server Management

NavicoSoft brings the flash monster sale on
Plesk server management starting at as low as $28!

You Heard it Right. Low cost
Plesk Server Management with
Unending Features!

Plesk server management services

Now getting Plesk server management from top experts is no more a headache!
Navicosoft is now offering Plesk server management for as low as $28! Our
technical team is highly expert in controlling the Plesk panel’s unique integrations,
including fail2ban, reverse proxy Nginx, package management, etc. Furthermore,
we can manage each issue that your Windows server is facing by making it more
secure and optimized. Also, we check that your server is always online
and provide proactive help in any abnormal CPU activity.

Considering the increasing demand for Plesk Windows servers, we offer simple,
secure, and affordable Plesk server management services. With years of
experience, we get you 24/7 monitoring to detect any anomalies without
even charging any extra fee! Our live monitoring system also detects any issues
likely to occur. We are also CentOS official partners and experts in managing both
your Plesk panel and OS.

Plesk Server Management at Meagre Prices

Navicosoft has a long history dealing with Plesk servers. Therefore, we are aware of the technicalities of this server. Being
a well-reputed Plesk server management company, we give proactive Plesk support with on-demand server
administration services at fractional costs. So if you need to manage your Plesk panel at surprisingly low costs, then now
is the chance to save up to $500 as we give you an even-handed approach to us!

Plesk server management services


We have a very large clientage, including individuals, and web hosting companies. So we are aware of how to manage a large number of Plesk servers. We not only install a Plesk server for you but also take pride in maintaining and monitoring it.

Plesk server management services

Technical Support

One of our specialties is that we have been providing industry-leading end-user support at a fraction of the costs. We have been assisting hosting providers and customers regarding managing their servers efficiently.

Plesk server management services


Every server has its own issues, including security issues. Some may get some shared issues. But having noise in the neighborhood should not disturb others’ peace of mind. We help your business by not letting such issues affect your website.

Plesk server management services

& Audits

Apart from other features, we pay specialized attention to security issues. As we are managing various hosting environments today, we specifically monitor any security issues. As a leading company for managed services, we have a reputation as a proactive service provider.

Plesk server management services


Our Plesk management services also include Plesk optimization. We make sure to optimize your Plesk panel to make it more responsive and efficient in working. With regular backups, we also work at a no data loss strategy.

Some other Plesk Server
Management Features

  • Plesk Installation
  • Server Hardening
  • PHP Extensions Installation
  • Backup Restoration
  • Repair Corrupted Database
  • Apache Tuning
  • IIS Tweaking
  • DNS Setup
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Database Upgradation
  • Malware Detection
  • Plesk Optimization
  • Mod_Security Setup
  • MSSQL Management

Why Navicosoft for Plesk
Server Management Services?

Plesk server management services
We provide 24/7 certified server administrators working at an amazingly low bargain.
Plesk server management services
Our server management includes flexible billing options to match your needs accordingly.
Plesk server management services
We provide 100% white-label support to manage your control panel.
Plesk server management services
The exclusive discount offers & privileges we offer are not hidden from anyone.
Plesk server management services
We provide 24/7 certified server administrators working at an amazingly low bargain.
Plesk server management services
Our server management includes flexible billing options to match your needs accordingly.
Plesk server management services
We provide 100% white-label support to manage your control panel.
Plesk server management services

Our Promise to
Provide Quality Services
at jaw-dropping low prices!

We are here to support you while simplifying the windows hosting server working. With millions of clients managing their Windows servers, it is no wonder that we are a team of professional windows management services providers. Our strategy for Windows server management implies great value, guaranteeing comprehensive server management for highly secure processes. Besides, our highly experienced team with decades of experience & knowledge is always up to provide you with active technical support, and Plesk maintenance. We promise to manage & customize your Plesk server at crazy cheap deals starting only at $28! So what are you waiting for? Get our server management services today because this feature-packed service is a lot more than about the low costs!


1:Which operating system does
Navicosoft support?

We manage your servers, provide proactive support in resolving all
the technical issues. No matter if it is a Linux operating system with
cPanel or a windows operating system with Plesk panel, we make
sure to give you the active support to handle all the technical
concerns. It includes installations, backups, optimization, database
tuning, server hardening, and many more.

2:What is the difference between server
audit & hardening?

Server hardening is mainly a collection of tools & technologies to
reduce vulnerabilities in applications, system infrastructures,
firmware, and other major areas. Thus, it mainly targets security
issues by eliminating the potential attack vectors. On the other
hand, a server audit is an instance of an SQL server database
involved in logging and tracking events occurring on the database

3:Do you provide telephonic support as well?

Yes, we make sure to make things easier for you. We provide
support in various ways, including; live chat, support tickets, via
a phone call, and WhatsApp as well. So don’t worry about how to
reach us as we care for you and know how to give you efficient ways
of interaction.

4:Do you really offer a full money-back guarantee?

Well, we only claim something that we can do. We don’t make
promises that we cannot fulfill. So rest assured to get the best
white-label support at amazingly low costs. In case of any issues, we
are here to provide you 100% money-back guarantee for sure.

What Our Clients Say

Alsa Pakistan

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Conell Richard
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Technology Works

Some times back, due to search engine optimization changes, our ratings suddenly went down. We were in huge trouble, and we were looking for a company who could help us come out of this problem quickly. Navicosoft provided us with amazing services, and our website traffic was back to normal in just a few weeks, and we were out of disaster.

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