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PKNIC Prepaid Card

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The Realization to get the right PKNIC Prepaid Card is Equally Essential


The realization to get the right PKNIC card is equally essential because some people want to register their web site domain with a small budget. Not every reseller is providing PKNIC prepaid cards. We being a foremost IT company, offers the most usable cards.

Everything you need to know about .PK domain!

Intended to use with the organizations connected with Pakistan, The most popular domain in Pakistan is the .PK domain. The name is perfectly suitable for you; either you are a local citizen, a businessman, or a micro-business person. There is a way to know how to utilize PKNIC Card which could be beneficial for the users to grab their intended .PK domain which is widely available on the internet.

What is PKNIC Prepaid Cards?

PKNIC Card aka PKNIC Prepaid Cards, are the cards used to register or renew any .pk ccTLD. The cards can renew or register all PK domains under PKNIC SRS. These plastic cards are just like mobile cards having a PIN used to recharge one—PK domain.

PKNIC cards carry out the task the same as a mobile prepaid card & help purchase a .pk domain or renew the existing one. As is the case that all the domains in Pakistan like .edu, .org, .Net, etc. are registered with .pk domain, the card’s purpose is to register cheap bulk PKNIC domain as for two years with complete flexibility & ease.


Which domain names can be registered with PKNIC card?

Any domain name with the suffix of .PK can easily be registered or renewed with a PKNIC card. It includes .com.pk, .org.pk, .net.pk, .org.pk, gob.pk, .gog.pk and gos.pk

Who Needs To Purchase Bulk Cheap Pknic Domain

The main purpose of purchasing a domain in Pakistan with .pk suffix is to make the brand perceivable to others. Various cities in Pakistan, like Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad & Multan, have customers and viewers of different genres. People from different places need websites with .pk domains to boost up the business. While in some places, people need it for money-making purposes. Apart from all these purposes, people associated with non-profit organizations and academic institutes also need to purchase .PK domain to run their conservatory in Pakistan. Pknic card, a plastic card having a twelve-digit scratch code, serves the purpose of getting or renew—Pk domain with full ease and proficiency.

Get Cheap PKNIC domain Price

Navicosoft, being the pioneer trading in PKNIC prepaid card services and a top-seller recognized by the PKNIC registry, makes sure to provide you the cards at affordable costs. You can get cheap PKNIC domain price from us and register, renew or purchase a domain name with the suffix of .PK for exactly two years. Now getting your PK domain registered or renewed has become uncomplicated and effortless. Not many registrars in Pakistan are providing cheap PKNIC domain price, but we are here to give these cards all over Pakistan, including Lahore, Multan, Karachi, Peshawar, and Faisalabad.

Our rates for PKNIC Domain Price are lowest as compared to all other resellers in the market as well as negotiable. You can call our sales representative for negotiations about price or contact the technical department for any information.

Restrictions for PKNIC Domain Registration

The domain name with.PK suffix is registered and renewed using PKNIC cards, but while registering any pk domain, keep the following things in mind.

The maximum length of the domain name should be up to 63 characters, excluding the .pk portion. With .pk suffix, it should be up to 67 characters.

The minimum length of a domain name in second-level domains should have to be four characters other than the.PK portion. For example, abcd.pk

In the case of the third-level domain, the minimum domain name of one character is allowed. Moreover, You cannot register the domain like com.com.pk.

A domain name can never be started with a dash at the beginning or with any two consecutive dashes. Be careful about that while choosing a domain.

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The process of purchasing the PKNIC prepaid card is manageable and simple.
Add your details, number of cards, submit your order, and make the payment.The cards will be issued right away!

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