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VPS Hosting in Belgium

Affordable VPS in Belgium | The Best VPS Hosting Belgium

Windows or Linux, get the best affordable VPS in Belgium along with the complete root access and RDP for hosting services.

VPS HOSTING Pricing & Plans

Brussels V1

  • Cpu 1 vCore
  • Ram 512 MB
  • Disk Space 10 GB
  • Bandwidth 500 GB @ 1 Gbps
  • IP(s) 1

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Brussels V2

  • Cpu 1 vCore
  • Ram 1 GB
  • Disk Space 30 GB
  • Bandwidth 1.5 TB @ 1 Gbps
  • IP(s) 1

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Brussels V3

  • Cpu 2 vCore
  • Ram 2 GB
  • Disk Space 40 GB
  • Bandwidth 2 TB @ 1 Gbps
  • IP(s) 1

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Brussels V4

  • Cpu 3 vCore
  • Ram 3 GB
  • Disk Space 60 GB
  • Bandwidth 3 TB @ 1 Gbps
  • IP(s) 1

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Brussels V5

  • Cpu 4 vCore
  • Ram 4 GB
  • Disk Space 80 GB
  • Bandwidth 4 TB @ 1 Gbps
  • IP(s) 1

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Managed VPS Hosting in Belgium

VPS Hosting

Deep Root Access

Root Packages for the best VPS hosting in Belgium by Navicosoft stands out as it bridges the gap between dedicated hosting and a shared hosting server to facilitate you with the prime features at minimal costs. If you buy the VPS hosting belgium, we offer you complete root access, facilitate the installations, and the vital credentials with our managed VPS hosting plan.

VPS Hosting

Features of VPS Belgium

VPS hosting packages come with various unique features, including standard DDoS protection, cPanel/WHM, Plesk Onyx, Root Access, Business-grade SSD storage, CloudFlare CDN and up to 5 dedicated IP addresses.

VPS Hosting


You can have a variety of optimization options with us, such as for the following resources

  • SSL certificates
  • Operating systems
  • Content Management Systems
  • Databases management systems
  • eCommerce platforms
  • Caching and HTTP accelerators
VPS Hosting

Secure data centre

Navicosoft manages the best reliable high-tech data centres with classified security and protection mechanisms with our most affordable VPS in Belgium. Furthermore, we promise scalable, reliable, and flexible vps hosting Belgium due to our state-of-the-art data centre worldwide, including China, UAE, Bulgaria, Korea, USA, Germany, Mexico, and various other locations. Hence, along with the configuration and installation assistance for managed VPS Belgium, we sustain our rank among the top 10 website hosting agencies.

Managed Affordable VPS Hosting Belgium


Along with the unique features and resources, our efficient technical support team keeps a check on your website.

RDN setup

Our affordable VPS in Brussels facilitates you with your own defined PTR by setting up RDNs for your allocated IP addresses.

Crypto payment

You can quickly get our VPS hosting Belgium with cryptocurrency, including VPS bitcoin, ADA, ETH, BCH etc.

VPS Hosting

Limitless Bandwidth

You can cater unlimited traffic on your website unless it does not violate our service usage policy. For example, in our VPS Belgium bitcoin package, we offer you unlimited bandwidth.


Your security is our priority. Hence, we always keep our hardware and software firewall up-to-date and regular periodic backups.

OS installation

Buying hosting for our VPS server Belgium, you get a free will to install any OS of your time and change it to any other OS anytime.

Technical Characteristics

VPS Hosting


Our professional technical team gives you free migration across the same control panel in the cheap vps hosting in Belgium.

VPS Hosting

Up to date hardware

Navicosoft promises the best vps hosting in Belgium, maintaining the data centres’ stable and high functioning machinery.

VPS Hosting

Customer care

We promise you the best web hosting experience; we also ensure that you get the best customer support with VPS Belgium whenever needed.

VPS Hosting

Hardware Testing

We claim to be the best vps hosting in Belgium due to routine tests to maintain the hardware, such as RAM and HDD tests.

VPS Hosting

Storage & traffic

With our affordable VPS in Belgium packages, you may cater to significant traffic volumes due to our powerful data centre.

VPS Hosting

No-Port Blocking Firewall

Buying our cheap vps hosting in Belgium, you get root access to all the ports.

VPS Hosting

Multiple IP Addresses

Get up to 5 IP addresses with our vps server Belgium.

VPS Hosting

Dedicated resources

With our professional team solid and secure data centres, Navicosoft offers you a fantastic set of resources

VPS Hosting

5Mbps uplink

Most of the VPS Belgium packages include the 5Mbps uplink.


What is affordable VPS in Belgium? 

VPS hosting utilizes the virtual private server, which serves partly as dedicated hosting and shared hosting. Typically, VPS refers to the shared hosting on a dedicated server. A user may run their operating system to get bandwidth and disk space at an affordable price. Our customers have administrative root access to the hosting resources to install the operating system and software of their own choice. Furthermore, with our package of managed VPS Belgium, the users get the ultimate flexibility concerning the server configurations complying with their needs.

What is the difference between VPS hosting Belgium and shared hosting?

VPS hosting packages provide you with mixed features of both the dedicated hosting and shared hosting plans. In shared hosting, different users share the resources of one server. In contrast, the hosting agency rents out one complete server to one client, which is very expensive. On the other hand, VPS hosting services offer you the promised baseline resources along with various add-on services, just like dedicated hosting in a shared environment to handle your website’s traffic spike in the best possible manner.

Why should I get affordable VPS in Belgium from Navicosoft?

Navicsoft stands out from the myriad of web hosting options because it envisions serving the customers as an utmost priority. To achieve our service goals, we serve more at minimal prices. If you are looking for significant and scalable resources for the website of your growing business, your search ends here at the cloud VPS Belgium hosting plans. We offer up to six CPUs to handle your multitasking most efficiently in hosting packages. Furthermore, you may have up to five IP addresses, ample hard disk space, bandwidth, and RAM storage in compliance with your needs and requirements. Indeed, we realize that a hosting plan cannot comply with the one fits all philosophy.

What are the acceptable payment methods?

To attend to our prospective clients worldwide, we facilitate different payment methods readily available for everyone. With the timely secured payments, you can easily enjoy excellent resources and features of our affordable vps in Brussels plans. Currently, we accept payments via the following different payment methods such as;  

  • VPS Belgium bitcoin (ATC. ETC, BTC, and other cryptocurrencies
  • Credit card
  • Bank transfer
  • PayPal

How to spot the best VPS hosting in Belgium?

Indeed, there is a wide variety of hosting companies available with VPS hosting packages. However, Navicosoft stands out from the crowd by claiming to provide secure and efficient VPS hosting Belgium. The main feature of the hosting services by Navicosoft is that it offers a complete set of unique features along with super-fast, secure, and well-maintained machinery in secured data centres. Other distinguishing features of our hosting packages include;

  • Low latency connectivity
  • III-tier dedicated data centres
  • Interconnected data centres that offer international and connectivity
  • High-tech smoke detection systems
  • Advanced solutions to maintain the temperatures

Why should one switch to VPS hosting or cloud server hosting?

No business takes pride in its stationary phase of growth, and if you are also a motivated person, limited resources for your website hosting won’t suffice you long. Hence, if you wish to embark on the journey of expansion, you would undoubtedly need VPS Belgium hosting packages. By buying our VPS hosting plans, you would get root access, the free will of choosing the software, and configurations that comply with your growing business needs.

Our range of services does not end with the features that we offer in our affordable VPS in Belgium plans. We facilitate our customers with their decision to switch to our services. Shifting to Navicosoft’s VPS server is relatively easy. You have to contact our technical support team, and they will accompany you through the whole process.

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