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VPS hosting in Cambodia

The best and accessible VPS hosting in Cambodia | Robust best Phnom Penh VPS server

Grab the best package for low-cost VPS hosting in Cambodia right now! It offers pre-installed cursives and RDP for Windows Hosting.

Cambodia VPS HOSTING Pricing & Plans

Cambodia V1

  • 1 vCPU
  • 512 MB RAM
  • 15 GB SSD storage
  • 500 GB Traffic

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Cambodia V2

  • 1 vCPU
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 30 GB SSD storage
  • 1 TB Traffic

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Cambodia V3

  • 2 vCPU
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 50 GB SSD storage
  • 2 TB Traffic

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Cambodia V4

  • 4 vCPU
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 70 GB SSD storage
  • 3 TB Traffic

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Reasonable Low-cost VPS hosting in Cambodia

VPS Hosting

Root Accessibility

Who doesn’t want more liberty, particularly when it comes to setting up a company website? As the finest and most low-cost VPS hosting Cambodia, we provide you with the cheapest VPS Cambodia that contains fascinating features and root access to all resources. Furthermore, if you seek a web hosting plan that will meet your website’s requirements scalable hosting withcheap VPS Phnom Penh is the best option for you.

VPS Hosting

Features of best Phnom Penh VPS server

  • Complete control and admittance to resources
  • DDOS protected VPS server Cambodia
  • cPanel/WHM & Plesk Onyx Available
  • Various Dedicated IP Addresses
  • CloudFlare CDN
  • Business-grade SSD loading
VPS Hosting

Diverse Optimizations

Buy VPS Cambodia, and you have access to a variety of alternatives for optimizing your website.

  • SSL Certifications
  • Operating System software
  • CMS Specifications
  • Database management systems
  • Platforms for eCommerce
  • Caching and HTTP Accelerators
VPS Hosting

Datacenter for VPS Cambodia with cPanel

Navicosoft provides the best and low-cost VPS hosting Cambodia. In addition, offering you unparalleled scalability, flexibility, and dependability in server. Therefore, we guarantee a smooth hosting experience for the cheap windows VPS Cambodia. Indeed, we owe this assurance to the robust and well-managed data facilities of the KVM VPS server Cambodia. Furthermore, we have state-of-the-art gear installed in numerous places worldwide to provide you with the highest quality service.

Move Forward with Cheap VPS Hosting Cambodia

Website maintenance

When you adopt VPS Cambodia for managed hosting from Navicosoft, our supervisors monitor your website for software updates and assure correct VPS configuration.

RDN Configuration Setup

You receive a free configuration of RDNs for your IP addresses with cheap Linux VPS Cambodia so that you may keep your PTR.

Approval of Cryptocurrencies

You can now simply buy VPS Cambodia with bitcoin for WordPress hosting by Navicosoft and continue to enjoy the best VPS Cambodia.

VPS Hosting


One of the most lucrative and excellent features of our low-cost VPS hosting in Cambodia is the unlimited bandwidth. It carters to large traffic volumes that abide by our service convention policy.

Unwavering Security

We provide our respectful consumers with inflexible security with cheap Linux VPS Cambodia software and hardware firewalls.

Operating System Reinstallation

You can choose your OS on your own and reinstall OS as many times as you find convenient and cheap windows VPS Cambodia.

Technical Functionalities

VPS Hosting

Primary VPS Cambodia Functions

The low-cost VPS hosting in Cambodia comes with pre-loaded PHP/ Perl/ Python scripts for you to use, and you are free to load any software you see appropriate for your business.

VPS Hosting

Dependable hardware

We keep sturdy and durable cheap windows VPS hosting in Cambodia in order to provide you with the most effective and flawless website hosting experience possible.

VPS Hosting

Customer service

Despite providing the latest hosting services for the best Phnom Penh VPS server, we cherish our clients and provide 24/7 customer assistance.

VPS Hosting

Hardware Evaluation

We guarantee high-quality services since each VPS Cambodia plan has been authenticated against the mandatory HDD and RAM tests.

VPS Hosting

Storage capacity and Traffic patterns

With Navicosoft’s low-cost VPS hosting in Cambodia and VPS Cambodia for gaming, you receive more than enough storage space and bandwidth to deal with traffic surges.

VPS Hosting

There is no Port Firewall

We do not use any port-blocking firewalls. Instead, you may freely use root access to hosting resources with the Cambodian VPS server.

VPS Hosting

Several IP addresses

With cheap Windows VPS Cambodia, Navicosoft provides you with up to 5 IP addresses.

VPS Hosting

Dedicated Assets

When you choose Navicosoft’s managed hosting plan for DDoS-protected VPS Cambodia, your hosting resources will be dedicated solely to your website.

VPS Hosting

Uplink speed of 1 Gbps

Our VPS Cambodia with cPanel makes multitasking more manageable by providing a 1 Gbps uplink.


What basically is VPS Cambodia?

VPS hosting often refers to renting out a dedicated space on the hosting server and some other users. Simply said, it gives you a taste of dedicated hosting in a shared hosting environment at a low cost. On the other side, dedicated hosting is expensive since you hire out a whole server to yourself. On the contrary, with Navicosoft’s low-cost VPS hosting in Phnom Penh and root access, you may enjoy effective hosting services with hosting resources such as OS, disc space, and bandwidth devoted to your website.

What distinguishes VPS hosting from shared hosting?

It is not incorrect to state that VPS incorporates both dedicated and shared hosting services. Like in shared hosting, the user shares space on the same server. Because of this, it may create downtime for your website, especially during times of high traffic. On the other hand, users are not required to share their hosting resources. Dedicated hosting is, without a doubt, the most promising hosting solution. However, Navicosoft VPS hosting provides the cheapest VPS server in Phnom Penh option for your company hosting.

Why is Navicosoft the most exemplary for delivering low-cost VPS hosting in Cambodia?

When deciding on a business website, you must make an informed decision. As a result, it is usually essential to perform a thorough search for the best website hosting provider in town. Choosing among a plethora of hosting services claiming to be the finest is complicated; thus, keep a close eye on the track record. Navicosoft provides up to six vCPUs, enormous RAM, hard disc storage space, and unmetered bandwidth, which may be sufficient for your website’s demands. Furthermore, the ability to scale up the hosting resources at any moment based on your website’s demands makes it the most acceptable VPS host in Phnom Penh.

When is the best time to migrate to a Cambodia cloud VPS?

It is never too late to make the correct decision. However, if your company is rapidly expanding, it is unquestionably time to consider switching to a more capable cheap Linux VPS Phnom Penh. For example, the most acceptable provider will give you improved security, more significant space, and superior VPS features. Once you’ve made the decision, assess your website hosting requirements and look into extremely accommodating and adaptable VPS services like Navicosoft’s VPS hosting.

Furthermore, switching to Navicosoft’s Windows VPS server Cambodia is more superficial than deciding. It is due to the point that we facilitate the procedure to the best of our abilities. You must contact our technical customer service to obtain a thorough guideline for transferring a website from another hosting provider to our hosting servers. As a result, we ensure that you can enjoy low-cost VPS hosting in Cambodia without losing essential data.

What are the payment techniques for managed VPS hosting?

Navicosoft has been delivering world-class website hosting services for many years. As a result, we have been improving our services in order to sustain and support such a diverse client base. As a result, we provide the following payment methods.

  • Buy VPS Uruguay with bitcoin
  • PayPal
  • Credit card
  • Payment through Bank transfer

Who is the finest VPS hosting company?

Before you begin looking for an appropriate hosting company for your website, you must first describe it. Typically, you will come across businesses that appear to provide the same services. But first, you must be wary enough to recognize the point of your advantage. For example, Navicosoft has successfully maintained its position as one of Cambodia’s best VPS hosting services, providing you with the following outstanding advantages.

  • III-tier dedicated data centre
  • Secure premises with strict physical security and surveillance
  • Low bandwidth connectivity
  • High-tech smoke detection methods
  • Cooling solutions to ensure optimal temperature

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